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Tel .: 066 090-56-55.Poliamid - a synthetic thermoplastic polymer construction purposes. By design or engineering polymers made are those polymeric materials that provide performance details at higher mechanical and thermal loads have high electrical characteristics and reasonable prices: polyamides Polyformaldehyde, polybutylene terephthalate, polyethylene terephthalate, polycarbonate, ABS plastics. Polyamides - the most popular among nih.Otlichitelnoy polyamides feature is the presence in the main molecular chain recurring amide group -C (O) -NH-. Distinguish aliphatic and aromatic polyamides. There are polyamides containing in the main chain as aliphatic and aromatic polyamides fragmenty.Obychnoe designation in the Russian market of PA or PA. In names aliphatic polyamides after "polyamide" give figures for the number of carbon atoms in the substances used for the synthesis of the polyamide. Thus, based on the polyamide ε-caprolactam is called a polyamide-6 or PA 6. The polyamide based on hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid - polyamide-6,6 or PA 66 (the first number indicates the number of carbon atoms in the diamine and the second - a dicarboxylic acid). Apart from the usual designations for polyamides can be used brand names: nylon, nylon, Anido, caprolon, Silon, Perlon, rilsan. Are widely used, and glass fiber reinforced polyamide, which are composite materials consisting of polyamides, filled with short segments integrated glass fibers, produced in the form of cylindrical pellets wrong formy.Svoystva Polyamide Polyamide - plastic material characterized by high strength and heat resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to abrasion resistance, good sliding and satisfactory electrical properties. Able to withstand the cyclic loads. Retains its characteristics over a wide temperature range. Withstand steam sterilization up to 140 ° C remains flexible at low temperatures. Polyamides are dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid, is a universal solvent for them, as well as formic acid, monochloroacetic acid, trifluoroacetic acid in phenol, cresol, chloral, trifluoroethanol. Resistant to alcohols, alkalis, oils, petrol. The disadvantages of polyamides include high water absorption and low light resistance. Physical and mechanical properties of polyamides are determined by the number of hydrogen bonds per unit length of the macromolecule that is increasing in a number of PA-12, PA-610, PA-6, PA-66. Increasing the linear density of the hydrogen bonds in the macromolecule increases the melting point and the glass material, improves heat resistance and strength characteristics, but also the larger the water absorption decreases the stability of the properties and dimensions of materials deteriorate dielectric characteristics. The basic properties of polyamides can be changed by introducing their composition various additives: flame retardants (reinforced polyamides - one of the few thermoplastics, which can successfully apply environmental-friendly flame retardants negalogenovye), light and thermal stabilizers, impact modifiers, hydrophobic additives; mineral fillers, glass fiber. The polyamides are processed by all known methods of plastics processing. Well processed by milling, turning, drilling and grinding. Easily welded by high frequency. Well okrashivayutsya.Primenenie Polyamide Polyamides are structural (engineering) polymeric materials. Unlike general purpose polymers, engineering polymers are characterized by high strength and heat resistance, and therefore more expensive consumer plastics. They are used to create products that require durability, wear resistance, low flammability, and able to withstand cyclic loading. In addition to polyamides, to engineering plastics include polycarbonates, ABS plastics, polyesters, Polyformaldehyde, polybutylene terephthalate. Polyamides, among them - the most abundant material. In the Russian market the following main types of polyamides: polyamide 6, polyamide 66, polyamide 610, polyamide 12, polyamide 11. It is also widely used different compositions based on polyamide 6, polyamide copolymers injection. The most widely in the world and in Russia presented a group of polyamides PA-6. Polyamides are used for production of all methods of processing plastics. The most frequently - by injection molding to manufacture structural components and extruded to produce films, tubes, rods and other profiles. Extrusion applied mainly high viscosity grade type polyamide 11 and polyamide 12. The range of materials made from different species of polyamides is very large. Polyamides are for the manufacture of synthetic fibers used for the production of textiles, thread, yarn, fabrics. Made of polyamide film, fake fur and leather, plastic products for technical and household products, have great strength and elasticity. Polyamides revolutionized the textile industry: the first synthetic fibers practical value were obtained because of polyamides. In general, polyamides are used as structural, electrical insulation and anti-friction material in the electrical, electronic, automotive, aerospace, oil, instrument, medical industry. Of these body parts are made of electric and pneumatic tools, construction, decoration and other machines working in conditions of shock and vibration, electrical parts mine, rail spacers, bushings, wheels and hinges, furniture and other items laden with furniture, wall plugs. In the automotive industry are made from heat-resistant polyamide loaded parts of vehicles; gears, subject to high mechanical and thermal loads; base-loaded instruments: speedometer, tachometer; Cover ignition coils; wheel trims; pedal; wiper gears; housings and impeller engine cooling fans; buttons for fastening of facing of salon; body mirrors. Some types of polyamides, such as PA 6 / 66-3 and PA 6 / 66-4 is dissolved in an alcohol-water mixture, and prepared adhesives and varnishes, walking in the electrical industry, used for prosthetic and orthopedic products, film coatings for leather and paper. These polyamides can also be produced in the form of a powder, which is used for hotmelt material in apparel and footwear industry. Polyamide PA 06/12/66, which is a triple system consisting of laurinlactam (dodekalaktama), caprolactam and AH salt (salt of adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine), is used as a glue lekgoplavkogo for the garment industry, melting at temperatures up to 110 ° C. Currently on the market polyamides increasingly important role played by the secondary polyamide, which offer a variety of manufacturers kompaundov.Poliftalamid (PPA) is known for its excellent mechanical properties and the ability to maintain exceptional performance under high temperatur.My offer production of polyamides and polyphthalamides EMS-Grivory , Switzerland. These materials possess a unique combination of mechanical properties, chemical, temperature and wear resistance as well as adaptability in production, allowing their widespread use in the automotive, mechanical engineering, electrical / electronics, packaging, household appliances and other industries. We supply a wide range of colors, the brand with different fillings, brand injection molding and ekstruzii.Poliamidy manufactured by EMS-Grivory, ShveytsariyaMaterialOpisanieGRILONPolukristallicheskie engineering thermoplastics based on PA6 and PA66GRIVORY GChastichno aromatic polyamide (polyphthalamide), engineering thermoplastics, mainly used to replace light metals (Al, Zn, Mg) GRIVORY HTChastichno aromatic polyamide (polyphthalamide), semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastics, to work at high temperaturahGRIVORY TRChastichno aromatic polyamide (polyphthalamide), transparent amorphous engineering thermoplastics, optical promyshlennostiGRILAMID LInzhenerny thermoplastic based on PA12 with exceptional svoystvamiGRILAMID TRProzrachny amorphous engineering thermoplastics based on PA12, optical promyshlennostiGRILAMID ELYTermoplastichny based elastomer PA12 Properties: Application: - improved surface quality; - Ease of processing; - Exceptional dimensional stability; - Excellent resistance to hydrolysis; - Improved adhesion; - A good toughness at low temperatures; - Resistance to UV radiation; - Heat resistance; - Difficultly / non-flammable; - Plasticized; - Conductive; - For use under water and food by direct contact with improved wear resistance; - Marked by laser. - Electronics; - Cables; - Cars; - Packing; - household; - Mechanics; - Engineering; - Optics; - medicine; - Sports / otdyh.Armirovanie: Viscosity (for any non-reinforced material): - glass; - glass balls; - Mineral fibers; - Carbon; - Steel fiber; - Mixed. - 23 low; - Normal 26-28; - 34 average; - 40 medium-high; - 47-50 high.

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