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Plow of simple PLN-3-35(M)

Plow of simple PLN-3-35(M)

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandMoldagrotehnica
  • Country of manufactureMoldova
  • Purpose plowNormal
  • плугПлуги сельскохозяйственные
Plow of simple PLN-3-35(M)

Plow of three-case hinged PLN 3-35

The plow of three-case hinged PLN 3-35 is intended for plowing of the soil under different types of crops on depth to 30 cm, with a specific resistance up to 0,09 MPas (0,9 kg/cm2). PLN 3-35 can be operated in all climatic zones, on the fields which are not littered with stones and without obstacles. The device allows, in case of need, an agregatirovaniye of a gear harrow.

Main adjustments (Fig. 1):

  • Installation of width of capture. Installation of width of capture is made by movement to the right or to the left after the relation to an axis of a plow of a connecting pipe (1) and an arm of a hinge plate to a tractor (2).
  • Adjustment of depth of processing. These adjustment is carried out by means of system of adjustment of depth of processing (3), establishing a frame of a plow and the right wheels of a plow in horizontal position move on a furrow.

Note: As the main adjustments, and the others are carried out only according to maintenance instructions of technical data sheet of a plow.

Description of the main working bodies (Fig. 2):

  1. Dump. There are 4 types of dumps:
    • The dump screw - overturns well a furrow, but leaves big blocks;
    • The dump cylindrical - overturns a furrow worse, but crushes very well blocks;
    • Dump semi-screw and cultural - the most demanded, these 2 types of dumps combine in themselves all advantages, very qualitatively overturn a furrow and intensively fragment blocks.
  2. Uglosnim. In the top part of a dump it is established uglosny on which the earth from a dump arrives, providing its effective turning, at the same time promoting a zadelyvaniye of the vegetable remains to the soil. Thanks to it plowing turns out with identical furrows and without the vegetable remains on a surface.
  3. Ploughshare with a chisel. The ploughshare consists of two parts: knife (3.1) and chisel (3.2). Such device prolongs the term of operation of a ploughshare.
    The simple ploughshare without chisel can be operated on the area no more than 40-50 hectares.
    The ploughshare with a chisel can be operated:
    • Chisel - on the area of 70-80 hectares (it is possible to use on both parties, at a wear-out only it is replaced without knife);
    • Knife - on the area of 210-250 hectares (after 2-3 replacements of a chisel).

Thus, the term of operation of a ploughshare significantly increases that obviously influences cut in expenditure.


  1. Possibility of operation in all climatic zones;
  2. Possibility of a hitch with a gear harrow;
  3. Wide range of settings;
  4. The special design of a mill from two main parts, increases knife operating time.
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Plow of simple PLN-3-35(M)
Plow of simple PLN-3-35(M)
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