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Plastic bags in Kazakhstan

Plastic bags in Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandAFG Trade
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan
  • MaterialPolyethylene
  • Упаковка из полиэтилена КазахстанПакеты полиэтиленовые Казахстан

Plastic bags in Almaty

Fast rascheta of more exact cost of the order need to be provided for receiving the following data:

1. Package type.
Its form can be defined as one of three types.

The first is the banana type - it is a rectangular package of the pro-carved handle which can be strengthened or not, and also there can be the lower subcollar ("bottom").
The second type of a package, "undershirt", is widespread in distribution networks. Except height and width of a product it is necessary to specify lateral bookmarks ("folds").
The third packing type is usually just pryamougolna a package without handle, is Seldom applied lower or lateral bookmarks.
You can will get acquainted in more detail with types of plastic bags, having passed into the necessary section, having chosen it in the lateral menu or having chosen from the list below the main text.
2. Polyethylene type.
1. The polyethylene of the high density (NDPE, PEND) - to the touch rustling rigid. It is applied in all three types of packages. And practically only it is applied at production of a "undershirt" package. It is necessary when the maximum durability, loading capacity is important.
2. Polyethylene of average pressure (MDPE, the design and estimate documentation) - average option between high and low pressure. Not such rustling as HDPE, but also not smooth as LDPE, at the same time has the good durability and appearance.
3. Polyethylene of the low density (LDPE, PEVD). Has smooth, soft, glossy, it is frequent with gloss a surface. Elastic that gives the chance less are afraid of acute angles and the cutting edges, but with a low durability. It is most often applied by production of "banana" packages when not the loading capacity, but appearance is important.
There is no uniform supplier of raw materials today and polyethylene even of one brand to the touch can rather strongly will cause a stir. In order to avoid misunderstanding the best option to exchange samples that there was an understanding what there will be a result.
3. Density.
It is measured in microns (in 1 millimeter 1000 microns)
Approximately it can be measured by a micrometer (+-2 μR) but taking into account that polyethylene has property last a raznotolshchinost of a wall of a film can reach 10%. And exact density is measured by simple weighing of a roll (vzavisimost from the area and density at the exit there has to be the corresponding weight.)
To the touch it is possible to measure very conditionally because of different brands and producers of polyethylene.
4. Chromaticity and size of drawing.
To specify how many separate flowers (pan-tones) from each party it is necessary to put. The size of the applied image, existence of a die (filling) is important. Press separate pan-tones or smiky, existence of a rast. It is the simplest to provide the model at once. The price depends on the size of a zapechatka on which also influences a total cost of the order.
5. Circulation (quantity of products).
At flekso the press there is a restriction on the minimum circulation. Usually minimum order makes 100 kg., what in transfer to quantity depending on the size of a package will average from 3 to 30 tis.sht. With increase in circulation the price of unit falls considerably, especially it is noticeable at expensive photopolymeric cliche which cost is distributed on all volume of the order.
The same it is necessary to consider that final circulation can will cause a stir from planned but no more than 10%. It occurs in connection with technological features of this type of production (at fleksopechat).
At the press packages the method of a shelkotrafaret applies ready packages, usually white color and limited option of the sizes, production and parties in 100 units is possible, but the price at the same time will be many times higher than at fleksopechat.
6. Terms (for what date you need to receive partially or all circulation of the order).
Priizgotovleniya of packages terms of implementation of the order have dependence on such factors as: package type, existence of the strengthened handle, a bottom (the lower bookmark), amount of colors of drawing and the general circulation. For the reason that each of these elements demands use of the different equipment and steps of production terms of performance of work will be different. On average to order two-three weeks leave. But for example less labor-intensive options as packing, packages without the press, without strengthening and a subcollar are carried out quicker for the technological reasons, and with strengthening, a subcollar, with the press more than 4 flowers - more time respectively borrows. It is also necessary considers production failures - for example breakage of production, some of modules, interruptions in power supply and other unforeseen moments influence predictability of implementation of the order.
Proceeding from it it is desirable to stipulate accurately boundary dates, responsibility and versions of the decision at non-compliance with those, possibilities of a partial otruzka of goods and other options.

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Plastic bags in Kazakhstan
Plastic bags in Kazakhstan
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