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Aqua Sheer is a highly water purifier that promises purity and health. It is the ultimate choice in water purification system that makes contaminated water crystal clear, safe & great tasting. Aqua Sheer is for those, who believe in the best. This is top of the line filtration system that ensures maximum protection that no other filter in the market offers. Its extended features include cartridge lives, protection against organic and inorganic water pollutants and enhanced ultraviolet efficacy.

Stage 1 (Filtration)

Aqua sheer Polydepth Sediment Filter Cartridge Filters in two stages. Outside core 5-micron, inside core 1-micronto remove extra fine sand, sand dirt, silt, rust and scale particles.

Stage 2 (Purification)

Aqua sheer CEP10 is a specially designed cartridge to combat both organic and inorganic pollutions problems in water. It uses two type of media: KDF (Redox Alloy medium) & Silver Impregnated Granular Activated Carbon . KDF, which is a redox Alloy, removes heavy metals from water by exchanging electrons by redox (Oxidation/Reduction) reaction. It also absorbs (upto 95 ) of free chlorine from water, enhancing the efficiency of SGAC in the cartridge. Granular activated carbon in the SGAC removes all organic chemicals such as chlorine, insecticides, herbicides and unpleasant taste and odor from contaminated water. Whereas, silver part of GAC inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter beds and prolongs the useful life of cartridge many times. Aqua Sheer CEP 10 Purifier cartridge is ideally recommended for water, high in chlorine and heavy metal contents.

Stage 3 (Sterilization)

Aqua Sheer Ultraviolet Systems provide 50,000 MW sec/cm² energy to guarantee 99.99 Sterilization. This ensures effective control of microbial contamination. This sterilization is accomplished by scrambling DNA Structures of the microorganisms on exposure to Ultraviolet light, which makes them sterile. UV sterilization is accomplished with out the use of chlorine or other harsh chemicals and without imparting and foreign taste, odor, corrosive, irritation and allergenic properties of water. It is regarded as the world's simplest and most practical means of destroying pathogenic (diseases causing) microorganisms in water.

Stage 4 (Softener)

Aqua Sheer new innovative technology gives the maximum benefit of Absolute Filtration upto 0.3 micron in this third stage. This 0.3-micron Polyethylene filter is low-pressure membrane and is UV resistant, designed to eliminate 99.9 of harmful bacteria (E.Coli, Cholera, Shigella etc), 93% of lead, rust and pending materials. This membrane reduces Cryptospordium, Giardia & other cysts by 99.9 %. This membrane reduces the turbidity of water, thus adding further clarity to water.

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