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DQS-200 and DQS-200P(high pressure) Features- The DQS-200 (note: any reference to DQS-200 refers to the DQS-200P as well) is an automated, Quaternary gradient HPLC system with a variable wavelength detector. The DQS-200 incorporates the D-Star HPLC system, the Star-Chrom TM HPLC Management software for full data acquisition, data processing, and instrument control.


Pump- The pumping system is four single piston pumps. All pertinent information on the pump, and its

accompanying components, including the pulse damper, injection and purge valves, and front panel pump

controls, will be found in the specifications below.

Detector- The detector is the D-Star Model DVW-10 variable wavelength detector. It has an operating range

of 195-800nm (195-360 with the standard deuterium lamp; and, 360-800 with an optional pre-aligned

tungsten lamp assembly).

Injection valve- The injection valve is the standardthrough-the-handle valvewith a position sensor added.

The position sensor is tied to the internal event mark circuit and activates the chromatographic run and data

acquisition when a manualinjection is made.

Pressure Transducer- The pressuretransducer, which is mounted internally in the pump module, is

connected to the Star-Chrom


external Interface Box. The pressuretransducer is a standard item in the

DQS-200, Setting of system pressure alarms in the method file of the software is part of the method


Star-ChromHPLC Management System - Star-Chrom is the heart of the D-StarAutomated Isocratic and

Gradient Systems. It is a Windows 98/XP or NT/2000 32 bit based, dual channel software that provides

powerful features in a package designed bychromatographers for chromatographers. Star-Chrom allows

creating and storing methods, acquiring, processing, and calibrating the data in an internal database,

performing single or batchruns, controlling the pump(s), and detectors (including setting the wavelength of a

variable wavelength detector), controlling autosamplers, interfacing with fraction collectors, controlling

auxiliary valves for recycling expensive solvents, and setting high-low pressure alarms built in as a safety

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