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Deep biological treatment system 50 Air Master wastewater

Deep biological treatment system 50 Air Master wastewater

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Technical characteristics
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Ochistnyesooruzheniya from 4 to 10 m3 / day

Air Master - is a modular local treatment facilities for underground ustanovkiproizvoditelnostyu from 4 to 10 m 3 / day. The combination of biological and himicheskoyochistki produces guaranteed results in the long kolichestvuparametrov, as well as significantly reduce the size and cost of ochistnyhsooruzheny.

Preimuschestvaochistnyh facilities Air Master

· Full operational readiness

· Stable performance when loading 5 - 10%

· Sanitary protection area of 15 m

· There are no restrictions on the dumping of domestic garbage

· Reliable automatic

· Does not require the presence of technical staff (SMS notification)

· Possible volatile mode

· Phosphorous removal from Photo

· Possible flooding

· Life of 60 years




Installing Air Master ekologichnoei provides reliable solution to the problems with wastewater treatment for:

· Hotels, boarding houses, complexes of residential buildings;

· Cottage villages, neighborhoods;

· Office buildings, schools, kindergartens.

Sewage treatment plants do not give vrednyhvybrosov into the atmosphere. On the permitted discharge of treated and disinfected Stacee stochnyhvod on terrain and bodies of water (if installing UV).


Maksimalnyyzalpovy reset: 4.3 m³

Capacity: 10 m³ / day

Height: 2825 mm

Kolichestvopolzovateley: 50 people

Pros Air Master 50

· No need to install additional wells in the area.

· A more effective solution for houses, around which the relief does not allow vodevyhodit gravity.

· Harmonious design of the system performance, "green up" fits well vlandshaft infield.

· Samotechny release purified water is not limited in time rezhimeprostogo settler without an external power supply.

· Light weight, easy transportation and installation.

· Recirculation of purified water, no permanent residency required.

· The addition of the coagulant, increased deposition rate of suspended solids, phosphorous removal from the effluent.

· Improved power connection system.

· There is no limitation on dumping waste (cloth, food, etc. ).

· System of external fins, reliable protection from the station housing deformatsiipod exposure of groundwater and soil seasonal movement.

The treatment plant 50 Robust Air Master absorption compulsory field or fields filtering equipment, water sbrosochischennoy can be arranged directly on the ground or in drenazhnyei stormwater system.

Maintenance intervals once a year.


Outside the settlements, instead, where there are no engineering Water supply and sewerage network, dlyaochistki wastewater from individual buildings using local ustanovkiochistki wastewater. Installing Air Master 50 for komfortnogoprozhivaniya 50 people and provides an eco - friendly and reliable solution to the problems sochistkoy wastewater to one or a group of cottages. Apparatus according obrabotkestochnyh water Air Master 50 is a substitute filtering fields and (or) poleyorosheniya occupying a large area. Purified water from the installation Air Master 50mozhno directed to a surface irrigation system or directly vkanal (ditch) (provided UV setting).

The stations are designed for the biological purification stochnyhvod having the following characteristics:

The unit provides clean household stochnyhvod to standards - compliant SanPiN2.1.5.980 - 00 "Gigienicheskietrebovaniya to surface water protection"

Raschetnyeharakteristiki wastewater entering the treatment plant:

Temperaturanemenee 15 of Si is not more than 25 of the C

BOD 5 is not more than 350 mg / l

HPKnebolee 525 mg / l

Suspended veschestvane more than 260 mg / l

Concentration NP≤12 mg / l

pHne less than 6.5 less than 8.5

Harakteristikastochnyh water outlet:

Concentration VV≤0,25 mg / l

Concentration NP≤0,05 mg / l

BPKpoln≤2,0 mg / l

HPK≤15 mg / l

pH6,5 - 8,5

Helminth eggs, virusynet

Wastewater entering the station dolzhensootvetstvovat its performance.

Permitted discharge of treated at the station and obezzarazhennyhstochnyh water on terrain and water bodies in compliance with the requirements SanPin2.1.5.980 - 00.

Sewage treatment plants do not produce harmful emissions in the air.

These parameters are observed when polnoykomplektatsii stations, including ultraviolet disinfection unit.

MPC rybohozyaystvennyhvodoemov 1 category:

BPKpoln3mg / l

HPK15mg / l

Suspended veschestva0,25 mg / l

PAV0,1mg / l

Nefteprodukty0,1 mg / l

Helminth eggs, virusyne allowed

pH6,5 - 8,5

Air Master Opisanieraboty 5 0

Inside the wastewater system is two - chamber settling tank bioreactor with a submerged loading laminar settling tank, coagulation system, system sludge decontamination pumps for clean water, sewerage sooruzheniyaoborudovano ventilation pipes for connecting the riser ventilation (at otsutstviityagi in the supply sewer network) and mounting loops fiksatsiiochistnogo construction on a concrete slab.

The treatment plant comes fully stocked and ready kmontazhu module.

All components and parts in contact with the effluent are made of impervious korroziimaterialov: polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, silicone. Konstruktsiyaochistnogo structures designed for uneven delivery of waste water vtechenie days with daily average coefficient of unevenness raskhodane 2 hours.

The Air Master realized environmentally clean technology deep biohimicheskoyochistki wastewater biocenoses attached and freely floating avtotrofnyhi heterotrophic microorganisms acting under aerobic and anaerobic conditions, with automatic maintenance of the concentration of activated sludge in the aeration tank ipervichnom settler, as well as long - term stabilization of excess sludge sposleduyuschimi processes after - treatment and decontamination .
Stoke enters the receiving chamber drive, where the incoming suspended solids nakoplenienerastvorimyh with wastewater. Simultaneously vdannom chamber occurring anaerobic denitrification processes, the purpose of kotoryhudalenie nitrogen flow. Overflow chamber drive is such that the waste water flowed from the lower speed, whereby in the settling occurs kazhdoykamere coarse particulate matter to the bottom.
From the receiving chamber drive gravity flow enters the upper portion biofiltrai uniformly distributed over the entire area of the biological loading and nasyschayutsyakislorodom. A biological filter (biofilter) - structure, wherein stochnayavoda filtered through the feed material coated with a biofilm (biofilm) formed colonies of microorganisms. The biofilter ustanovlenaeratsionny member for forced vodykislorodom saturation of the air. This also served precipitating drug Eco Membrana vzhidkoy fraction. Precipitating drug is dosed strictly according to realnoyproizvoditelnostyu WWTP. Task precipitating drug provestihimicheskoe binding phosphate present in the effluent, as well as uluchshiteffektivnost precipitation in the subsequent chamber sump laminar.
In operation, a spent bioreactor and dead biofilm (izbytochnyyil) is washed off and removed from the body of the biofilter to the bottom chamber, as well as the bottom laminar osazhdaetsyana clarifiers. The excess sludge is removed from pomoschyugidravlicheskoy sludge collection and recovery system ochistnogosooruzheniya into the receiving chamber, where the process of its stabilization and mineralization.
Air Master is programmed on circadian cycle of operation and during periods naimenshegopostupleniya Photo via hydraulic sludge collection and recovery system, provides stable Incoming nutrients to maintain zhiznedeyatelnostibiomassy by sludge recirculation.
The system employs designed and patented hydraulic sistemasbora and removing sediment. With this system, a treatment plant realizovansamobalansiruyuschiysya mechanism for maintaining the concentration of the activated sludge - vaerotenke biofilter. Collection and disposal of sludge is working on the program, uchityvayuscheysutochnuyu uneven flow proceeds.
Stock from the bioreactor enters the chamber laminar settler where proiskhodituderzhanie suspended particles contained in the effluent, as well as particle otkreplennoybiomassy denitrification process along with the flow. High effektivnostlaminarnogo sump allows for high performance cleaning stokaot suspended particles. Detained precipitate with predvaritelnonitrifitsirovannym drain is sent to the camera drive. Deposition vzveshennyhchastits laminar settling tank flows to 4 times more efficiently than in a conventional settler.
Purified water enters the clear water chamber, which has two vysokoproizvoditelnyhnasosa - primary and backup organized in KNU group. Pumps work by turns, evenly producing the resource.
The pumps are designed for discharging treated water from the treatment plant, water libopodachi BioClean ultraviolet disinfection unit for dalneysheyobrabotki (optional). UV disinfection allows prakticheskipolnostyu destroy pathogens. The bactericidal ustanovkahprimenyayutsya continuous UV radiation sources, kotoryevozdeystvuet in the aquatic environment via a special material in a range of lengths voln180 - 300 nm. For messaging and remote control operation sooruzheniyi treatment for early warning of emergencies, the station may oborudovatsistemoy SMS alerts and remote control operation of sewage treatment plants.
This system monitors the presence of external power supply, the presence of chemicals, temperature control, signals the need for sludge pumping, protects the equipment against leakage and the flooding chamber.
Also, remote control of the system power supply, on / off and emergency backup pumps, enabling / disabling audio / svetovoysignalizatsii.


General's Characteristics

Maximum volley reset m³ 4.3
Capacity, m³ / day 10
Height mm 2825
The number of users, persons: fifty
The size of the base, mm 4400h2400
Throat diameter, mm 1h630, 1h1220
Weight, kg 890
Depth / Log diameter, mm 355
Area for installation, m² 10.6
Compressors x pumps pieces. 1/3
Earthwork, m³ thirty
Photo hourly average flow m³ / h 0.42
Installed power, kW 1.3
Power consumption in kW / h 0.36
Voltage, 220
Recommended settings of the supply electric cable 3h2,5
Maximum operating weight, t 21.2
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Deep biological treatment system 50 Air Master wastewater
Deep biological treatment system 50 Air Master wastewater
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