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Pitches, rubbers for mechanical engineering

Pitches, rubbers for mechanical engineering

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Ukraine, Donetsk
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
Main scopes of epoxies:
Branch of application Main types of epoxy materials Basic purpose Primary indicators The economic effect of application carried to material cost
Construction Polimerbetona, compounds, glues Razmetochnye of a strip of roads, plates for floors, bulk seamless floors Physicomechanical indicators, iznoso-chemical resistance, bespylnost, high adhesion from 3 to 29
Coverings (paint and varnish, powder, water and dispersive) Decorative oblitsovachnye and protective functions Small shrinkage, chemical firmness
Binding for glass - and coal plastics Repair of reinforced concrete designs, roads, airfields. Pasting of designs of bridges, etc. Vent pipes and capacities of chemical productions. Pipelines Weatherability, Chemical resistance, Durability, Heat resistance
Electric machine industry and radio engineering The compounds binding for the reinforced plastics, coverings, press materials, polyfoams Sealing of products, electroinsulating materials (fibreglass, etc.). Filling of transformers, etc. Al. insulating and sheetings. Radio transparency, high dielectric rates, small shrinkage when hardening, lack of flying products of hardening From 0,1 to 7,0; 300-800 (electronics)
Shipbuilding Binding for fibreglasses Ship rowing screws, shovels of compressors Durability, cavitational firmness 75
Coverings from liquid LKM and powders Vessels for gases and fuel Water - chemical resistance, abrasive firmness
Syntactic polyfoams Fairing of rowing screws Crash-worthiness at low temperatures
Mechanical engineering, including automotive industry Compounds, Paints and varnishes, Clay Repair and seal of defects of molding products, forms, stamps, equipment, tool (models, copiers, etc.) Durability, hardness, wear resistance, dimensional stability From 3,1 to 15,0
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Pitches, rubbers for mechanical engineering
Pitches, rubbers for mechanical engineering
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