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Pillow from bedsores square, 41h41 cm. – Lotos - Zdorovyj son, ChP |
Buy Pillow from bedsores square, 41h41 cm.
Pillow from bedsores square, 41h41 cm.

Pillow from bedsores square, 41h41 cm.

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Ukraine, Kherson
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  • BrandЛотос-Здоровый сон
  • Country of manufactureUkraine


Pillow from bedsores square 41h41sm;

This cushion is used in the hospital and at home for bedridden patients to prevent pressure sores or decubitus treatment formed from long lying. They enclose hole sore spot so to lift over the bed to be able to treat the wound and would airflow for fast healing. The pillow is made of cotton fabric on the outer circle of the ring has a zipper for height adjustment and soft pillows.

Not enough sleep, are faced with the problem of stiff neck, snoring or migraines? It's time to think about changing the pillow. Remove back pain, muscle tension, improve sleep and stop snoring pillow helps to buckwheat husk. Thanks to her, leaving the pain of the cervical spine and headaches. Features of pillows:

The anatomical shape - hollow shell buckwheat instantly take the shape completely corresponding to the contours of bodies.

Uniform support - throughout the night, which ensures a long and deep sleep.

Proper rest - your muscles are relaxed, stress disappears, so you fully relax. The effect of micro - massage - a natural filler produces a light massaging effect, activating blood circulation, relaxing the muscles and giving you maximum comfort.

Why choose a pillow with buckwheat husk?

1 Eco - friendly material. Buckwheat shell not accumulate heat and electricity, to freely circulate airflow, does not provoke allergic reactions.

2 Comfort Guarantee. Buckwheat husk helps to remove the tension in the muscles and the spine, eliminate pain, thanks to it you can relax and head ensures the correct position, allowing you to solve the problem of snoring.

In our online store you can pick up a pillow of any shape and size. Pillow with buckwheat husk - your secret to a healthy and sweet sleep! Driving Order Order manager by phone Consultation Delivery and payment



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Pillow from bedsores square, 41h41 cm.
Pillow from bedsores square, 41h41 cm.
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