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Physiodispenser of NSK SURGIC PRO

Physiodispenser of NSK SURGIC PRO

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Technical characteristics
  • ManufacturerNSK
  • Country of manufactureJapan

 NSK Surgic Pro — the small, ergonomic surgical device with useful function of calibration of the rotating moment (torka). The possibility of calibration of the moment of rotation for tips of different producers concerning a micromotor provides compliance of reality of values of speed and effort of rotation that are shown on the display in real time. An opportunity to adjust the speed of rotation and torque in the wide range does possible installation by means of a physiodispenser of Surgic Pro of any implantation systems.


Advantages of Surgic Pro:


LED from NSK 


   In the micromotor the LED technology (Light Emitting Diodes) is applied, which gives 32 000 luxury instead of 17 000 luxury of a gallogenovy lamp that gives excellent illumination of the prepared site and does surgeries by more exact.

Service life can reach 100 thousand hours that honor in 100 times more, than at an incandescence bulb


Usual halogen lamp

Light temperature

   The light-emitting diode of LED radiates light with a daylight temperature, at the same time colors of surfaces of the working field are as close as possible to natural - it reduces fatigue of eyes of the doctor at long operation, and also gives the chance more accurately to distinguish types of fabrics  



 The new besshchetochny SG70LED micromotor, became much less than micromotors on the previous models of physiodispensers - it is 16 mm shorter and 42 easier gr., what considerably reduces fatigue at long operations.

At so small sizes it was succeeded to receive the biggest torque among all physiodispensers in 80 N*sm that allows to have a considerable stock of power, as is well-known, use of the engine at the maximum power reduces its term of operation.



  This sign placed on a tip and also on the micromotor designates that it can be autoclaved at a temperature up to 135 °C.


Thermodisinfection of a tip and micromotor

 For prevention of cross infection it is recommended to disinfect previously before autoclaving. This symbol, means that the device on which it is placed can be subjected to cleaning and to disinfect in the thermodisinfector.


Complete set:

The control unit with the improved function of calibration of a tip
The SGL70M micromotor with LED optics
M micromotor 2 cable
Tip with Ti-Max X-SG20L optics (decrease 20:1)
Pedal control of FC-51
Irrigational hoses (5 pieces)

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Physiodispenser of NSK SURGIC PRO
Physiodispenser of NSK SURGIC PRO
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