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Peptide Extraction Separation Resin

Peptide Extraction Separation Resin

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Peptides are widely found in animals, plants and microorganisms. They have important physiological functions and have special functions in biological growth and development, cell differentiation, tumor pathology, immune defense and anti - aging.

The macroporous adsorption resin has the characteristics of mild conditions, simple equipment and convenient operation when separating and purifying biological active substances such as polypeptides, and is widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Suzhou Bojie Resin Technology Co. , Ltd. , own brand Bestion. The professional separation and purification peptide adsorption resin has the advantages of good selectivity, large adsorption capacity, high mechanical strength, convenient regeneration treatment, fast adsorption speed and easy analysis, and is widely praised internationally.

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Peptide Extraction Separation Resin
Peptide Extraction Separation Resin
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