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Penetrating waterproofing

Penetrating waterproofing

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Highly effective waterproofing coating with penetrating action.

Construction and restoration of water tightness of concrete and brick structures.

FIELD OF APPLICATION Construction of new waterproofing and anti - corrosion protective coatings for buildings and structures (waterproofing of foundations, swimming pools, hydropower facilities and public utilities).

The material has a high chemical resistance. Also applicable for internal and external waterproofing of concrete, reinforced concrete and stone structures of a buried or semi - buried type.

ADVANTAGES • Do not require pre - drying of the protected surface (applied to a wet, pre - moistened surface). • Waterproof. • Frost resistance. • High strength characteristics. • High adhesion to concrete, forms an integral whole with the treated surface. • Ability to "self - heal" microcracks. • The treated surface is easy to paint, whitewash, etc. • High quality and the best technical characteristics of the material at an affordable price.

EFFICIENCY: • Restoration of operational characteristics of structures during operation without expensive work on their dismantling and replacement. • The durability of protective coatings allows you to get an economic effect from reducing operating costs due to a significant increase in the turnaround time. SAFETY: • Made on the basis of mineral raw materials. • Does not contain solvents. • Does not emit vapors. • Radioactively safe. • Approved for use at household and drinking water supply facilities.

OPERATING PRINCIPLE • As a result of the penetration of the chemically active substances that make up the ELEMENTa into the capillary - porous structure of concrete and the reactions taking place during this process, hardly soluble crystalline neoplasms are formed in the pore structure of concrete, sealing the pores. • ELEMENT forms a highly durable waterproof protective coating on the concrete surface.

DESCRIPTION The ELEMENT material is a dry mixture of high - quality cement, graded sand and a complex chemical additive. Homogeneous gray powder without mechanical impurities. Packaged in a polyethylene kraft bag weighing 25 kg. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Water resistance, not less than 16 W (16 atm) (160 meters of water column) • Compressive strength, at the age of 28 days, not less than 60 MPa • Bending strength at the age of 28 days, not less than 4 , 5 MPa • Frost resistance, not less than 300 cycles • Temperature of the structure and environment during application, not less than + 5 ° С

APPLICATION OF THE MATERIAL SURFACE PREPARATION: • The surface is cleaned of plaster, paint, dirt, grease, cement stone surface film, etc. manually with wire brushes or mechanized • Structural joints, seams and cracks are sewn to a depth of at least 20 mm with opening (at right angles) in width not less than 20mm. The seams of brickwork, foundation blocks are embroidered to a depth of at least 5mm. • Main condition: structurally strong base, opening of capillary pores. • The surface is washed (to remove cleaning products) and thoroughly moistened with ordinary tap water at room temperature until complete saturation (stopping water absorption and keeping drops on the surface). • A surface is considered prepared if it is clean, rough to the touch, and abundantly moistened. PREPARATION OF THE SOLUTION: • For application with a brush, the ELEMENT waterproofing mixture is mixed with water in the amount of 30 - 33% of the mixture weight (7.5 - 8.5 l of water per 25 kg of dry mixture) and thoroughly mixed for 5 minutes until a homogeneous plastic mortar is obtained. • Average consumption of material 1.5 kg per 1 m2 for application of two layers on a flat surface. • For spatula application, the ELEMENT waterproofing mixture is mixed with water in an amount of 20 - 22% by weight of the mixture (5 - 5.5 l of water per 25 kg of dry mixture) and thoroughly mixed for 5 minutes until a homogeneous plastic mortar is obtained. Material consumption 2.5 - 3 kg per 1 m2 with a layer thickness of 2 mm. Consumption depends on the condition of the surface. During operation, the solution must be periodically stirred without adding water. APPLICATION: BRUSH APPLICATION (recommended in the absence of active water infiltration at the time of work): The prepared solution is applied with a brush made of artificial fibers on a surface saturated with water 2 times "cross to cross". The interval of application between coats is at least 30 minutes. The total layer thickness must be at least 1mm. SPATTER APPLICATION (recommended for active infiltration of water on the surface of the material): Prime the prepared (cleaned and moistened) surface with the ELEMENT solution with a swinging brush or hairbrush so that the solution fills all cavities, depressions and irregularities. Immediately after priming, apply ELEMENT mortar using plastering technology with a spatula. Layer thickness 2 - 4 mm, cracks, seams and cavities are filled to the full depth. You can work with the solution within 30 - 60 minutes from the moment of its preparation. COVERAGE CARE: During the first 48 hours after application of the solution, it is necessary to protect the treated surface from drafts, direct heat exposure, direct exposure to sunlight in order to avoid the appearance of shrinkage cracks. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: To carry out works in rubber gloves. Use protective goggles when processing ceilings.

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Penetrating waterproofing
Penetrating waterproofing
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