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Ozonizer industrial OVP-4

Ozonizer industrial OVP-4

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Recommendations about use of ozone for storage of some types of vegetables and fruit

Product Concentration of ozone in air (mg/m3) Duration of single ozonization (hour) Frequency of ozonization oC temperature Relative humidity, %
Potatoes 12-14 3-6 monthly 2-4 85-90
Cabbage 5-6 4 in a day 0-1 90-95
Apples 4-6 3-4 daily 2-4 90-95
Wild strawberry 4-6 continuously daily 2-4 90-95
Grapes 4-6 3 daily 2-4 90-95

Long storage of vegetables and fruit. How to increase period of storage?

Ozone prevents formation of various mold colonies on walls of storage, wooden boxes and other packing material. These a mold even if do not do harm to production, all the same give to fruit an unpleasant specific smell. Air of storages refrigerators quite often contains so-called blue mold decay which very quickly breeds and its growth is not slowed down even under the influence of enough low temperatures (about 0th °C).

Ozone destroys the ethylene emitted by vegetables and fruit that their maturing detains.

According to a number of researchers, duration of storage can be doubled on average with simultaneous preservation of delicate aroma of fruit.

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Ozonizer industrial OVP-4
Ozonizer industrial OVP-4
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