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Ozonizer industrial OVP-1

Ozonizer industrial OVP-1

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Ozonizer - the device making by means of a barrier rated sportsman from air gas ozone (triatomic oxygen). Ozone is a strong oxidizer and has big disinfecting effect.

Depending on the volume of the room and settings of the device Ozonizers can work in presence of people and animal (plants) in the processed room - the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of ozone should not exceed norm for the person of 0,16 mg on m ³; or without presence of live organisms for sterilization of the room when by maximum concentration limit it is exceeded.

Thus, it is possible to allocate the following scopes of ozonizers:

  1. Agriculture: Disinfection of rooms and cases for animals, suppression of the microbic field in cases in the presence of animals, elimination of unpleasant smells, processing of forages, matochnik, incubators, overalls, demercurization, fight against parasites, rodents, a fungus, a mold. Increase in safety of a livestock.
  2. Warehouse, refrigerators: Regular processing by ozone significantly increases period of storage of vegetables, fruit, grain, meat, etc. Elimination of unpleasant smells, disinfection, demercurization.
  3. Hotels: Elimination of unpleasant smells, demercurization, fight against parasites, rodents, a fungus, a mold, restoration of freshness in numbers after stay of guests.
  4. Cafe, restaurants: Elimination of unpleasant smells, regular processing of halls for smokers, processing of kitchen, warehouse, refrigerators.
  5. Car washes: Elimination of unpleasant smells in inside of cars and from installations of regeneration of sewage, treatment facilities.
  6. Meat-processing plants, food productions: Processing of production in koptilny chambers promotes longer period of storage of production, disinfection of production rooms and the equipment, processing of warehouses, refrigerators, raw materials, overalls.
  7. Construction: Elimination of smells after painting and finishing works. Processing by ozone promotes faster drying of paints and varnishes. Refreshing of rooms at commissioning of the object, demercurization.
  8. Chemical, harmful productions: Elimination of unpleasant smells, demercurization, processing of production rooms and the equipment for the purpose of decomposition of unhealthy employees of substances, processing of overalls.
  9. Transport: Processing of cars, cargo trailers, refrigerators, a container after transportation of harmful or silnopakhnushchy substances, disinfection, demercurization.
  10. Shopping centers, supermarkets: Disinfection and processing of warehouse, refrigerators, kitchens, mini-bakeries (that will allow to prolong significantly an expiration date of production and raw materials), overalls, elimination of unpleasant smells, cleaning and refreshing of air in trading floors and production rooms.
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Ozonizer industrial OVP-1
Ozonizer industrial OVP-1
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