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Overalls zabrodny PVC

Overalls zabrodny PVC

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The overalls are zabrodny

The Zabrodny overalls represent the PVC boots soldered with each other, semi-overalls and a jacket from a vinitol (fabric with PVC impregnation). It is manufactured in Belarus. The Zabrodny overalls – unique goods for the Russian market which in the territory of the Russian Federation are not made, but at the same time are very demanded.

All structural elements of zabrodny overalls are welded to each other by currents of high frequency that provides full tightness of connections, and respectively, and protection against water of zabrodny overalls. Technological process of production is not so simple at first sight. The Zabrodny overalls are in front buttoned on a lightning under which there is a pelerine. The last allows to climb easily in overalls to the fisherman or the hunter. Besides, if carrying has the large volume of a waist and breast, then it is possible not to zip, and the pelerine anyway will protect from water. Sleeves of a jacket of zabrodny overalls – on an elastic band. There are two inside pockets and a hood.

From outside can seem that in zabrodny overalls it will be inconvenient as he does not breathe at all and has very big weight. However it not so. The Zabrodny overalls weigh less than 3,5 kg, and in folded form take very few place. As for comfort socks, it is possible to tell that if to use zabrodny overalls at low physical activity or in general without physical activity – that sweats in it the person no more, than in usual clothes. At the same time, if your physical activity is high, then at the expense of it at the movements in zabrodny overalls air circulation is formed, that is the zabrodny overalls are constantly aired.

The Zabrodny overalls can be applied on fishing: for example, in rainy weather in it it is possible to stand on the coast or to float in the boat, without being afraid to get wet at all. Also in overalls it is possible to come into water practically up to a throat, for example when the fisherman needs to untangle tackles or to descend behind the hit game to the hunter.

The Zabrodny overalls can be applied as working clothes: on sea and river crafts and in ports. At the works and production connected with extreme weather uloviya. Besides, the zabrodny overalls are seriously demanded in rybkhozyaystvo.

The Zabrodny overalls are popular among treasure-hunters, especially among those who look for values on coast of the rivers and lakes, and also in caves. In such clothes it is not terrible to be soiled. Also zabrodny overalls are bought for trips on ATVs – it perfectly protects riding from water and dirt and very easily washes.

The Zabrodny overalls are selected by the leg size (a size range: 41-47). Usually buy kombez one size more, for use of warm socks and insoles. The top part of zabrodny overalls rather big as it is calculated that the zabrodny overalls will be put on over clothes.

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Overalls zabrodny PVC
Overalls zabrodny PVC
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