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Nose balm "Fitoritsid

Nose balm "Fitoritsid

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandЧАО «Фитория»
  • Country of manufactureUkraine

It is recommended to apply as the preventive, all-strengthening and regenerating means to a mucous membrane and bosoms of a nose and as antritis drops. It is not recommended to accept to children to 3kh years.

Structure: BUD Fitor (extract of a leaf of an oak). This dietary supplement acts in the form of water infusion of 5%, essential oils: pines, an eucalyptus, rosemary, water-soluble products of processing of cod-liver oil (including peroxides and aldehydes), the distilled water.

Properties: nose balm Fitoritsid and nose balm Fitoritsid for children will save you from inflammatory and edematous processes. Also these drops for a nose possess immunomodulatory and antimicrobic action, contributes to normalization of microflora of a mucous membrane of a nose, have preventive effect during catarrhal diseases, antritis treats.

Method of application: before application to shake up. Application: only outwardly, to dig in nose bosoms twice a day on 1-2 drops.

It is contraindicated: if you are sensitive to the dietary supplements separate components Fitor.

By-effects were not observed.

Conditions and periods of storage: to keep the closed bottle at a temperature from +5 °C to +25 °C in the place protected from light. To store in the bottle closed by the producer 2 years from the date of production, to store an open bottle no more than 6 months at a temperature of +5 °C.

Packing: a bottle from dark glass of 10 ml, according to GOST 10117, a pipette medical by TU At 33.1-32483127-01-2003, SGR No. 2156/2003, are packed into a cardboard box according to GOST 12301.

MOZ of Ukraine No. 05.03.02-04/58143 ZGSE is approved of 15.12.2005. TU U 24.5-32031087-011:2005

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Nose balm "Fitoritsid
Nose balm "Fitoritsid
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