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Noise isolation and sound insulation

Noise isolation and sound insulation

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ECOCOTTON WOOL - strong sound-absorbing material. Prevents penetration of a sound in places of leaky connection of walls and a ceiling, and in places of joints of plates. A time of material extinguishes a sound. Besides, in addition it is weakened in emptiness of fibers of cellulose.


The way of installation of ECOCOTTON WOOL excludes formation of seams and cracks and provides tightness. It is known that the seam or a crack 1 mm thick and only 1 m long at strong wind are capable to reduce quality of thermal insulation of the house by 65%.


Scientific researches showed that in ECOCOTTON WOOL excess moisture does not collect, it comes to light practically at once - in the atmosphere. It is confirmed also by practice of use of ECOCOTTON WOOL in the facilitated brick walls in Finland, Sweden, England, Germany, the USA and other countries where vapor barrier and an air layer between a brick layer and a heater is not supposed.


ECOCOTTON WOOL contains natural minerals - the borata which are effectively preventing the fires.

At high temperature - borata give water and will be polymerized, turning into the fire-resistant glass protecting internal material from fire and air. And cellulose is displayed on water and carbon oxide therefore gaseous products of combustion are almost not toxic.

If to compare ECOCOTTON WOOL to synthetic insulating materials, then it in difference from them - in case of fire does not melt and does not drip. That is fusion drops from which can flash coverings of a floor and walls are not formed.

Narimer, if to take the ECOCOTTON WOOL layer in 40 mm, from above to put a coin and to melt it a gas torch (t of °=1560 °C), then the melted metal will not burn isolation. Surpasses basalt fiber in quality, a heat-shielding and the price. Perfectly protects from harmful effects of cancerogenic substances which allocate asbestine plates, glass wool, etc. At installation of a heater the parobaryerny film because is the "breathing" material is not required: paropronitsay, levels humidity, excludes emergence of moisture and condensate (due to slow passing of air and ability of cellulose fiber to connect in itself moisture and to give it without loss of heat-insulating properties. Fireproof. The layer of a heater of 200 mm replaces a laying in 1,5 m of a brick. Thanks to it in the house warmly in the winter and it is cool in the summer. Apply: snow imitation "Snow Winter", at construction of constructions of different function, when warming overlappings, attics, penthouses - at sanitation of the existing buildings when it is required to warming without dismantling of designs - use at a construction stage, allows to apply the facilitated designs, to reduce thickness of walls, load of the base and td. All this the economy of energy carriers, alternatives to a heater ECOCOTTON WOOL can lower capital investments to 30% of expenses, and also 50% - no. Packing of a heater in plastic bags. Density of a heater is 35 kg/m3.

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Noise isolation and sound insulation
Noise isolation and sound insulation
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