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VTMS3000 - Vessel Traffic Management System

VTMS3000 - Vessel Traffic Management System

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VTMS3000 is a system which gathers target data from radars and AIS, integrates these data and presents target data overlaid on electronic maritime charts.

The system is designed to fulfill and extend the IALA reommendations for a VTS system.

VTMS3000 consists of several modules and is scalable in design. Each customer has different requirements and the VTMS3000 is tailored to the customers needs for every project.

Radar Extractor Tracker
The ETS3000 - Extractor Tracker consists of a PC with a VEM3000 - Video Extractor Module PCI card. This card is manufactured by VisSim and it samples the analog radar video to digital format of 12bit resolution and 120MHz sample rate. The high resolution and sample rate improves small target detection. The Extractor Tracker software on the PC processes the digital video, using special small target detection algorithms and forwards the data to the Multisensor Tracker
More about ETS3000

Multisensor Tracker
The Multisensor Tracker calculates a unified target table where every individual vessel has a single symbol, independent of how many sensors (radars and transponders) are tracking the target. Multisensor tracking is sometimes referred to as fusion, or a Fusion Tracker.

More about Multisensor Tracking

Target Server and Client Control
The Client Control database holds information about user rights. Some users can be assigned watch right to certain areas etc. Users log on to Target Server from Traffic Display and Target Server forwards target data according to the users profile.
More about TD3000

Traffic Display
The TD3000 Traffic Display is using S57 vector charts. It has a multiple layers structure, including a custom layer editor and radar video overlay. It supports a wide range of zones and fairways. Alarms can be configured for targets entering/leaving zones, targets drifting off anchorage points etc..
More about TD3000

AIS stands for Automatic Identification System and is mandatory on all larger vessels. VisSim can supply simple AIS receivers or full AIS Base Stations. The system may also receive and integrate data from national AIS chains via Internet.
Learn more about AIS

Radar Video Server
In larger system a Radar Video Server will record the radar video and distribute to clients. This also minimizes network load on the network links to the radars.

Recording and playback
All target data and radar video can be recorded and instantly played back.

All modules support stand-by units with automatic switchover in case of failure.

Automatic Chart and Software Updates
Large systems, with many units may be troublesome to update software versions, charts and custom chart layers manually. The Data Distributor Client/Server allows for updates to be put in one place and automatically distributed throughout the system.
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VTMS3000 - Vessel Traffic Management System
VTMS3000 - Vessel Traffic Management System
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