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SHN 4000 Polarimetric radar system

SHN 4000 Polarimetric radar system

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Sea-Hawk Navigation AS has developed a new radar for detection of oil spill on sea surface. This multi polarized radar, called SHN 4000, is developed particularly for the purpose of detecting changes in the wave patterns. A sudden change of wave patterns could be an indication of oil floating on sea surface. The high performance of the radar sensor gives a detection range which is up to 4 times longer than existing radar sensors. Combined with its extremely good performance in bad weather the SHN 4000 can offer close to 24/7 surveillance, warning and monitoring in 3rd party delivered oil detection software.

The sensor is encapsulated in a 3,75 meter diameter radome designed and manufactured according to the Explosive Atmospheres directive 94/9/EC. It may therefore be installed in gas exposed areas (EX-zones) on for example an offshore oil production platform. The sensor can also be delivered without pneumatic equipment and EX-certification for installation in shore-based areas where such requirements do not apply.

Typical users for SHN 4000 are offshore exploration and production companies for use on oil and gas production units (platforms, drill rigs, FPSO's). The radar sensor can be delivered for parallel multi-tasking like oil spill and ice detection, surface objects detection/tracking (vessels and small objects). Other typical users may be national/local shore-based surveillance with same range of multitasking or for one specific purpose only (VTS, oil spill detection etc.) The offshore industry would find good use of this radar, especially when going up north into the even more harsh and so sensitive environment - into the Arctic. This would be a perfect match for SHN 4000.

Outer dia. of Radom: 3,7 m, Height of Radom: 4 m (4 m incl. foundation). Footprint dia: 2,9 m. Total weight : 1400 kg (approx.).

Important features
Extreme detection performance, also in rough weather conditions like white breaking sea and heavy precipitation
High Performance Dynamics (i.e. its ability to detect and follow the smallest object/movement at the same time as detecting large objects)
Detection of small high speed objects (which often is "lost" in standard navigation radar systems, if detected at all)
Detection of small and/or low reflection objects on the surface
Weather protection / reliable operation / long service intervals / life cycle costs
Also designed for operation in Ex-zones (areas exposed to inflammable gases etc.)
Easy access to Radom for sheltered service/maintenance (bottom)

Sea-Hawk SHN 4000 Radar
Superior radar for oil & gas installations, rigs ….
VTS & Port Traffic control radar
Ice & Ice Berg Detection and tracking in harsh conditions.
Oil Spill Detection
EX Certified radome, Optional (Ex. PX 1)

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SHN 4000 Polarimetric radar system
SHN 4000 Polarimetric radar system
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