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SHN 3300 Polarimetric radar system

SHN 3300 Polarimetric radar system

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Sea-Hawk proudly present - SHN 3300 Polarimetric radar system. This radar is designed for use within Merchant shipping, Offshore, Fishing & Coast Guard, for users looking for advanced surface radars. Our detection performance is superior to any standard radar system.

The Sea-Hawk radar SHN 3300 is one of the most advanced radars in Sea-Hawk's product line with extreme detection performance characteristics, and in particular in rough weather conditions. This radar is designed for users with very high demands for surface detection as small and low reflecting objects travelling at high speeds (e.g. RIB's, Zodiacs, jet skies etc.), ships/vessels travelling at high speed, oil spill detection capabilities etc.

Typical users for Sea-Hawk radar SHN 3300 are Offshore Supply/Stand-by vessels, large High Speed Crafts, special task vessels like Seismic vessels and vessels operating in congested areas like the Straights and approach areas with special requirements like the US Coast. Offshore modules and onshore radar sites.

The offshore industry would find good use of this radar when going up north into the even more harsh environment - into the Arctic. This would be a perfect match for Sea-Hawk radar SHN 3300.

Outer dia. of Radom: 3.3 m, Height of Radom:1,47 m (1,97 m incl. foundation). Footprint dia: 1,8 m. Total weight : 500 kg (approx.).

Sea-Hawk SHN-3300 may also be delivered as an open antenna solution (i.e. exclusive of radom).
Important features
Extreme detection performance, also in rough weather conditions like white breaking sea and heavy precipitation
High Performance Dynamics (i.e. its ability to detect and follow the smallest object/movement at the same time as detecting large objects)
Detection of small high speed objects (which often is "lost" in standard navigation radar systems, if detected at all)
Detection of small and/or low reflection objects on the surface
Weather protection / reliable operation / long service intervals / life cycle costs
Also designed for operation in Ex-zones (areas exposed to inflammable gases etc.)
Easy access to Radom for sheltered service/maintenance (bottom)
Sea-Hawk SHN 3300 Radar
Superior radar for oil & gas installations, rigs ….
VTS & Port Traffic control radar
Ice & Ice Berg Detection and tracking in harsh conditions.
Oil Spill Detection
EX Certified radome, Optional (Ex. PX 1)

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SHN 3300 Polarimetric radar system
SHN 3300 Polarimetric radar system
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