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Low Noise Thruster

Low Noise Thruster

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Low Noise Thruster
Brunvoll's patented Low-Noise Thruster solution with full length double tunnel resiliently mounted, reduces noise by 11-15 dB(A) and cause less vibration.

Thruster noise represents a major problem for crews. The stress and discomfort it causes may threaten both performance and safety on board.

Quieter sailing means better sleep, improving the alertness and efficiency of the crew. Passengers enjoy a new degree of comfort.

Brunvoll introduced the low-noise thruster in 1977. Through four technological generations we have refined our patented solutions into a proven concept.

Noise levels of 75-88 dB(A) are typical in cabins next to and above conventional tunnel thrusters. Brunvoll's advanced technology can cut this by up to 15 dB(A). Combined with other measures, noise reductions of up to 20-25 dB(A) have been verified.
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Low Noise Thruster
Low Noise Thruster
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