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ComTroll 230 Remote Terminal Unit

ComTroll 230 Remote Terminal Unit

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ComTroll 230 Remote Terminal Unit

The Comtroll 230 features:

IEC 60870-5-101 /104
Low power consumption
Operable in harsh conditions
Optional repeater
Fault indicator and Scada integration
Rim-1 for easy connections
Module based / control several units
Analogue measurements
Configurable settings


ComTroll 230 with it's rtu 30, rtu 30i and rtu30s are integrated parts of NorTroll's ComTroll system. The ComTroll system consists of a wide range of RTU's, fault passage indicators and several communication solutions. To name some, IEC 60870-5-101/104, Lontalk, TCP/IP, Modbus, Radio licensed/license free, serial, GPRS, ICE, Fiber Optical, Tetra, Satelite, Rakel, twisted pair, DSL, VPN and more.

The ComTroll System is a modular system with different building blocks allowing the utilities to tailor a system to meet the specific requirements for each monitored and controlled location.

ComTroll is a media independent system. This means that different ComTroll outstations can use a different communication media within the same system. A message from the central unit to one of the RTU's can easily be transported over several different media by installing the appropriate transciever.

The ComTroll 230 is module based. In a 19 " inch electronic package you can control several switches and I/O's, making it ideal for larger substations. Many customers use this unit to control transformer substations with several switch cells and I/O information, it's easily integrated in a system through potential free contacts. If your relay protection support serial RS485 modbus RTU, you can control several units with just one RTU. The unit can also be used to control outstations with breakers or actuators.

The ComTroll Surveillance and Automation system (S.A.S.) can be configured as a standalone system or as an integrated part of a larger SCADA system. Fault passage indicators are easily integrated in the system. Either as standalone or integrated with a RTU for overhead (linetroll) and underground (cabletroll) fault locations.

In large radio networks, the ComTroll 230 can be delivered with a repeater function.

For easy I/O connection we deliver the comtroll 230 with a rim-1 connection module.

4 Analogue inputs (*1 dedicated) with selectable source:
4-20 [mA]
0-10 [VDC]
0-15 [VDC] Battery measurement *
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ComTroll 230 Remote Terminal Unit
ComTroll 230 Remote Terminal Unit
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