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Night frost alarm

Night frost alarm

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Timely signaling and sprinkling at unexpected night frost is for fruit growers and tree nurseries of crucial interest. The night frost alarm is an essential help and can be connected to every type of sprinkler irrigation installation. The night frost alarm consists of a switch unit and a PT 100 temperature sensor. This temperature sensor measurement measures the outside temperature, generally at 80 - 100 cm above the soil, and sends this via a cable (max. 50 m.) to the switch unit. The switch, depending on the set limit temperature, gives a start signal to an automatic sprinkler or pump. A striking characteristic of the night frost alarm is, in contrast with the conventional thermostat switches that you can set a " temperature zone" in which the connected equipment is actuated. This prevents the automatic sprinkler from constantly being switched on and off. The night frost alarm works on a voltage of 220 Volt with a measuring range of -20 to + 50°C and is simple to install.
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Night frost alarm
Night frost alarm
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