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AviaVox Information System (AVIS)

AviaVox Information System (AVIS)

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The AviaVox Information System is an option to the generic system and is a combination of an IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) combined with the ability to remotely obtain actual real-time flight information. Persons that want to obtain information of the Airport or flights can dial in to the AVIS system by landline or their mobiles.

Information can be provided in two ways:

1. Static
a. Flight related; small airports
b. Airport related

2. Dynamic
a. Flight related; larger airports
b. Airport related

In case of the static method, information is typically provided in (tree) format whereby the required information can be obtained by answering a limited number of basic questions from the AVIS system. Gradually the software will guide the user to a point where the information can be listened to. The interaction between the user and the software is done by the push buttons of the telephone. (This covers the IVR part of the solution.)

In case of the dynamic method it is somewhat more complex. A user that dials into the system, e.g. a 0900-nr, can obtain information from the system by feeding the system with essential flight information such as a flight number. The system than will search the required information in the data hold in the generic system and as this data reflects the actual information coming from the AODB, the real-time and latest flight information is provided to the listener.

The service can be even more extended by providing the user with text messages if something in the status of the applicable flight changes. This capability however, depends on Airports policies and infrastructure of the local telephone service providers.
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AviaVox Information System (AVIS)
AviaVox Information System (AVIS)
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