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Nanotechnological sealer, Bellinzoni DuralMax

Nanotechnological sealer, Bellinzoni DuralMax

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandBellinzoni
  • Country of manufactureItaly
  • Bellinzoni DuralMaxПолироль с функцией упрочнения камня.


DuraMax - the nanotechnological sealer, its formula contains special components which are capable to harden and strengthen a stone superficially. The test which is carried out in the qualified laboratory shows that application of DuralMax does the surfaces of marble steady against damage as granite. Duralmax strengthens color of the processed material and allows to avoid disintegration, condensing structure, does a stone steady against trampling and reduces accumulation of dirt which leads to "stone caries".



DuralMax seals up damaged and strengthens soft sandy stones: marble, a mosaic and agglomerated or engineering stones.



1. Thoroughly wash up a floor, it is recommended to use  Bellinzoni Decer - Dos cleaner. Later, completely to dry up.

2. Put DuraMax by means of a mop or soft fabric, let's it dry, if necessary, in dependence of absorption, put once again until all time is impregnated.

3. Perovedite polishing by car by means of  a stalemate for Klindex Super polishing .

4. Proportions:
For processing of the polished soft marble: from 50% with water (1: 1) to 1 part of DuralMax with 3 parts of water (1: 3);

5. For very absorbing material to put konsentrat without dilution.



The master himself has to otpredelit a konsentration depending on absorption of a stone;

It is recommended to dilute a product for avoidance of accumulation;

Product for use in rooms;

Observe the instruction for application.



Appearance: liquid 
Color: whitish
Smell: slightly ammonia
Solubility: let's dissolve at any ratios

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Nanotechnological sealer, Bellinzoni DuralMax
Nanotechnological sealer, Bellinzoni DuralMax
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