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Multi-purpose grease Litol 24

Multi-purpose grease Litol 24

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 Litol-24 multi-purpose grease


The Litol-24 multi-purpose grease - petroleum oil viscosity of 60-75 mm2 / with at 50 °C, thickened lithium soap of 12-hydroxystearin acid; contains anti-oxidizing and viscous additives.

Main operational characteristics of Litol: high colloidal, chemical and mechanical stability, a water rack even in the boiling water, when heating it is not strengthened.


The Litol-24 multi-purpose grease is recommended to be used as uniform automobile lubricant in mechanisms of excavators, bulldozers, tractors, ship mechanisms, in road-building and agricultural mechanisms, in electrocars. Also it is expedient to put Litol-24 lubricant in bearings as constant lubricant and to apply in needle bearings. 



  • Differs in high mechanical, colloidal and chemical stability.
  • Does not lose water resistance even in the boiling water.
  • In the course of heating lubricant litol-24 is not strengthened.
  • Wide temperature range: remains efficient at temperature indicators from minus 40 to plus 120os. Also Litol-24 is efficient (the short period of time) at a temperature plus 130os.
  • The excellent greasing ability and elasticity during the work in conditions of both low, and high temperatures.
  • Ensuring excellent protection of all greased details, even in a case
    applications in strongly worn-out couples of friction.
  • Strong deduction on the greased surfaces.
  • Prevention of development of main types of wear.


It is delivered in:

  • Barrels of 216,5 liters
  • Drum of 21 kg
  • Bucket of 9 kg


The product is made on standartu:gost 21150-87

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Multi-purpose grease Litol 24
Multi-purpose grease Litol 24
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