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Technical characteristics
  • BrandМэйджор Хим
  • Country of manufactureRussia
Material safety data sheet


1. Identification of the Product

Sinonimy:d-sorbita; O-sorbitol; Hexatomic alcohol; D-Sorbito


2. Structure / information on components

Components CAS Percentage ratio (%) EINECS#
D-sorbitol 50-70-4 100% 200-061-5

Danger symbols: Is not present in the list.

Phrases of risk: Is not present in the list.

3. Danger identification

Emergency Review

Possible consequences for health

Toxicological properties of this material were not completely investigated. Vodoyemko (absorbs moisture from air).

At inhalation:

Can cause irritation of airways. Maloopasen at usual industrial use. Toxicological properties of this substance were not completely investigated.

At intake:

Can cause irritation of a digestive tract. Maloopasen at usual industrial use.

At contact with skin:

Can cause irritation of skin. Toxicological properties of this material were not completely investigated.

At hit in eyes:

Dust can cause mechanical irritation.

Chronic influence: NO

4. Measures of first aid

At inhalation:

To remove from an exposition and to move on fresh air. If there is no breath carry out artificial ventilation of lungs. If breath is complicated, give oxygen. To ask for medical care if cough or other symptoms develop.

At intake:

Does not cause vomiting. If the victim is in consciousness, give 2-4 cups of milk or water. Never give anything in a mouth to the person who fainted. To wash out a mouth water. To ask for medical care if the irritation or symptoms remain.

At contact with skin:

To wash out skin a large amount of water within not less than 15 minutes, having taken off the polluted clothes and footwear.

To ask for medical care if the irritation remains. Wash clothes before a reuse.

At hit in eyes:

Immediately wash out eyes a large amount of water within not less than 15 minutes, lifting the upper and lower eyelids. To ask for medical care if the irritation does not pass.

Notes to the doctor:

5. Fire prevention

Main Information:

As well as in any fire to put on the independent respiratory device MSHA/NIOSH (approved or an equivalent) with a full mask, working under pressure or in the mode of positive pressure and full protective mechanism. During the fire, the irritating and highly toxic gases can be received by thermal decomposition or burning.

Fire extinguishing means:

For the small fires, use the sprayed water, dry chemicals, carbon dioxide or chemical foam. Use the agent the most suitable for fire extinguishing. Do not allow hit of water in capacity with a product.

6. Measures at casual leaks

General information: To apply means of individual protection as it is specified in section 8.

To drain in or sweep material and to place in the suitable container for utilization. To immediately eliminate the spilled liquid, observing the precautionary measures described in the section the Protective equipment. Avoid formation of a zapyleniye. Not to allow a namokaniye or hit of water/moisture in containers of capacity of storage of a product.

7. Address and storage

Loading and unloading works:

To wash hands before food. To avoid hit on skin and eyes. To avoid hit inside and inhalations. Use at sufficient ventilation. Not to allow contact with water. Not to allow contact with damp air and steam.

Place of storage:

To store in densely closed container. To store in the cool, dry, well ventilated room, far from incompatible substances. To protect from moisture.

8. Control of influence / means of personal protection

Technical control:

Use sufficient ventilation to keep concentration in air at a low level.

Limits of influence of CAS # 50-70-4: Means of individual protection of eyes: You wear the corresponding goggles or points of chemical safety as it is described on protection of eyes and persons in the rules OSHA in 29 CFR 1910.133 or to the European EN166 standard.

Protection of skin:

You wear the corresponding protective gloves for prevention of impact on skin.

Protective Clothes:

To wear the corresponding protective clothes to minimize contact with skin.


Follow instructions respirators have to correspond to OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 or the European EN 149 standard. To use to NIOSH/MSHA or the European EN 149 standard maximum concentration limits approved a respirator at excess or if the irritation or other unpleasant symptoms appeared.

9. Physical and chemical properties

Physical state: Firm

Color: colourless or white

Smell: flavourless

pH: 6-7 for 70% of SOLN.

Pressure of vapors: is unavailable.

Viscosity: 110 joint ventures @ 25C

Boiling point: 295th hail of C

Freezing / Melting point: 75 degrees of C

Spontaneous ignition temperature: It is not applicable.

Flash temperature: It is not applicable.

Explosibility limits, lower: Is unavailable.

Explosibility limits, top: It is not available.

Decomposition temperature: It is not available.

Solubility in water: 55% @ 25C

Specific weight/density: 1,489

Molecular formula: C6H14O6

Molecular weight: 182.0944

10. Stability and reactivity

Chemical stability:

The product is stable at normal temperatures and pressure.

Conditions which it is necessary to avoid:

Fire sources, formation of dust, moisture, surplus of heat, strong oxidizers.

Incompatibility with other materials:

Strong oxidizers.

Dangerous products of decomposition:

Carbon monoxide, the irritating and toxic vapors and gases, carbon dioxide.

Dangerous polymerization: it was not reported.

11. Toxicological information


CAS # 50-70-4: LZ4290000 LD50/LC50:

CAS # 50-70-4: Oral, mouse: LD50 = 17800 mg/kg; Oral, rat: LD50 = 15900 mg/kg.


D-sorbite - NTP are not listed AKGEPG, IARC, or.


Cm the actual record in RTECS for full information.

12. Ecological information

In environment:

13. Utilization

Products which are considered dangerous to food are classified as special waste and utilization of such chemicals, becomes covered by rules which can vary depending on location. Address the specialist in utilization of the company or the regulator of local waste for council. Empty containers need to be disinfected before return for secondary processing.

14. Information on transportation


It is not regulated as dangerous material.


It is not regulated as dangerous material.


It is not regulated as dangerous material.

15. Standard information

European / International rules

The European marking according to directives of the EU

Danger symbols: Is unavailable.

Phrases of risk:

Phrases of safety:

WGK (Water danger / Protection)

CAS # 50-70-4: 0


CAS # 50-70-4 will be listed in the DSL list of Canada.

CAS # 50-70-4 is not specified in the list of Disclosure ingredients of Canada.



CAS # 50-70-4 is registered on stock of TSCA.

Edition of information:

The section(s) of the material safety data sheet changed / s from the last revision of the document include: p8.

Denial of responsibility:


The LLC MEYDZHOR HIM company provides information which is contained in the present document is conscientious, but does not make any statements concerning its completeness or accuracy. This document is intended only as the management.

These data are based on our today's level knowledge ̆, but are not a guarantee of properties of a product and is not valid contractual legal relationship ̆. Information given above is considered exact and provides the fullest information now. Nevertheless, we do not give any a guarantee ̆ concerning sale of a product or any other to a guarantee ̆, obvious or implied, in relation to such information, and we do not bear any responsibility as a result of its use. Users have to make own researches for determination of suitability of information for their specific goals.



PRODUCTION: D-sorbitol (CAS NO.: 50-70-4)

DATE: 2016-5-02

VOLUME: 20,000 kg

Name of a product Sorbitol Date of production May 2, 2016
Date of testing 2 Maya2016 Date of the report 2 Maya2016
Indicator Standard Result OK
Appearance White powder or granulated White powder in 20 kg bags Conforms to requirements
Sorbite Contents, ω % ≥99.0 99.5 Conforms to requirements
Water, ω % ≤1.5 0.35 Conforms to requirements
The lowered sugar, ω % ≤0.3 0.03 Conforms to requirements
General Sugar, ω % ≤1.0 0.15 Conforms to requirements
Burning of the remains, ω % ≤0.1 0.01 Conforms to requirements
Pb, mg/kg ≤1 1 Conforms to requirements
Ni, mg/kg ≤2 2 Conforms to requirements
Chloride, mg/kg ≤50 50 Conforms to requirements
Sulfates, mg/kg ≤100 100 Conforms to requirements
In total bacteria ≤100p/g 100 Conforms to requirements
colibacillus Are absent in 1 g Are absent in 1 g Conforms to requirements
Estimation Comments GB29219-2012
Conclusion Conforms to requirements
Marks This report belongs only to a consignment for date
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