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Missile defense infrared soldering station IK-650

Missile defense infrared soldering station IK-650

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandBGA
  • Country of manufactureRussia

If all payments were soldered on missile defense IK-650, then they would not break!

The missile defense infrared soldering station IK-650 provides the automatic soldering of any chips established in any point of the printed circuit board, at the same time the size and a configuration of a payment no role is played.

IK Missile Defence IK-650 station in figures

  1. In 7 years of production about 1000 infrared soldering stations IK-650 are let out.
  2. By experts it is counted that at IK-650 stations perepayano already more than 2 000 000 pieces of chips of BGA.
  3. The IK-650 station will pay off less, than for 1 year at the resoldering of only 10 chips of BGA in a month.
  4. In any city numbering 100 000 people of Rossi there is at least one IK IK-650 station.
  5. IK-650 are well-known to professionals and positive responses which without effort will be at the specialized forums devoted to the soldering of BGA and technology of repair deserved.

Repair of MacBook Pro in the English style

Why IK-650 of missile defense became No. 1 in the world of the soldering of BGA?

Exact measurement and regulation of temperature. IK-650 is the first serial repair station BGA developed and made in Russia. All four (5) measuring IK channels of station are constructed on the basis of a military gage - TA-570M Thermoscope , as a result of missile defense IK-650 - the best station in the class on the accuracy of maintenance of temperature of the soldering of BGA.

Usability and confidence in result. The soldering formula on IK-650 is several fast and simple paces: to establish a payment, the BGA chip, the thermal sensor, to press START-UP and to wait result. Station true professional: everything is provided in it, the soldering is automated, there are ready thermoprofiles which will precisely work and will provide result on any standard payments. On difficult cases there are flexible ready tools which will allow the skilled expert with honor to cope with a task.

The guaranteed quality of the soldering. At observance of the recommended technology of the soldering of BGA at the missile defense infrared soldering station IK-650 the professional result is provided to 100%.

You want objective confirmation? Please, look at x-ray pictures, defects at the soldering of BGA on this infrared repair center are improbable.

Excellent service. The service program is directed to the client, it will be pleasant to you to buy and to work quietly. The guarantee does not leave 3 years doubts in correctness of the choice of the missile defense domestic infrared soldering station IK-650. IK station is certified on compliance of GOST and to regulations of EAC.

Value in trust - at business expansion our clients repeatedly choose missile defense IK-650 station and recommend them to the colleagues.

Always in the price - IK the station is very liquid, it will readily be taken away from you by future owner without essential discount.

Technical superiority of IK-650 of missile defense

The professional soldering of BGA demands exact observance of a thermoprofile of the soldering. In this repair station BGA thermoprofiling is provided by automatic correction of temperature of heaters by means of feedback on temperature of the sensor installed on the printed circuit board in a zone of the soldering of BGA.

Repair of MacBook Pro in Russian

The missile defense infrared repair center IK-650 gives the fine chance of work with large-format payments. The big, strong and uniform lower heating excludes deformation of multilayered printed circuit boards.

The IK top heater of station is mobile at the expense of a strong and convenient support with four degrees of freedom. As a result the infrared soldering station provides convenience of a laser aiming and the soldering of BGA in any point of the printed circuit board.

The patented technology of focusing of IK-beams of the top heater on the basis of 3D - concentrators surpasses flat adjustable apertures (diaphragms) in three characteristics:

  • Improves uniformity of the thermal field in a zone of the soldering of BGA.
  • Reduces the size of a thermal spot in a zone of the soldering of BGA.
  • Improves the review and convenience of access to a zone of the soldering of BGA.

Compare, what is in your opinion better?

Thermal spot on a payment at the soldering on missile defense IK-650 with the patented 3D concentrator IK of beams Or a thermal spot on a payment at the soldering with a flat aperture (diaphragm) on others soldering station

The missile defense infrared soldering station IK-650 provides video inspection of process of the soldering of BGA by means of any standard USB of a video camera or a microscope, and if necessary automatically fixes video or a photo on the hard drive.

Advantages of a modular design

To get much more conveniently and more zealously that it is necessary for you today, isn't that so?

The missile defense infrared soldering station IK-650 this modular equipment therefore you can choose the complete set from several most popular options and also gets various additional accessories. And it is not obligatory to do it at once - get as required.

By means of additional devices and devices you will be able:

  • To precisely establish BGA on a seat by means of video positioning
  • To automate process of cooling of the printed circuit board
  • To restore ball conclusions of BGA (rebol).
  • To equip station with the frame holder of payments .
  • To connect USB a video microscope.
  • To use thermotables of various standard sizes.
  • To add channels of measurement of temperature

Especially for IK of soldering station the professional vacuum tweezers are developed

BM-0.45 tweezers after tap easily overcome forces of a superficial tension of the melted solder, lifting from a payment even weighty BGA.

Reliable multipurpose software.

The operating Thermopro-— the Center program is simple in development and practical application. At the same time ON provides accurate and dynamic interaction of all modules of infrared soldering station connected through USB to the computer.

The technological solution of IK of the missile defense soldering station IK-650 is based on mathematical model of thermodynamic process of the cornerstone formation of solder connection of an electronic component. The created mathematical model formed the basis of the computer Thermomissile defense Center appendix which in essence is a package of functions of the internal and external factors of process of the soldering considering a large number on purpose most precisely to pick up a process profile for each case and to provide its most exact repeatability irrespective of change of external or internal factors.

Detailed description of the missile defense infrared soldering station IK-650:

Set of delivery of the missile defense infrared soldering station IK-650 (more detailed)

Main technical characteristics of IK of missile defense IK-650 Station (more detailed)


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Missile defense infrared soldering station IK-650
Missile defense infrared soldering station IK-650
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