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Mineral bio fertilizer

Mineral bio fertilizer

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Turkey, Antalya
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandGUMİSİL
  • Country of manufactureUkraine

«Gumisil A» is a composite organic, mineral bio fertilizer based on Potassium humate extracted from a natural source – lowland peat (turf). Fertilizer is used for seeds treatment and foliar feeding.

The consumption of other fertilizers boosts with «Gumisil A» usage. Also, plant immunity increases, the resistance to frosts/drough raises, the stress after pesticides and other plant protection products usage reliefs, soil structure improves, the erosion resistance of soil raises, the amount of humus and organic elements raises as well.

The main active components of «Gumisil A» are humic and fulvic acids, Trichoderma fungi, NPK and other microelements. Other ingredients include: amino acids (threonine, methionine, lysine, cysteine and other), vitamins B1 B2 B3 B6 B12 C D E PP, provitamin A(carotenoid), folic and other acid, ferments catalyzing oxidation (catalase, peroxidase) and hydrolysis (amylase, urease) reactions, proteins, mono/polysaccharides, pectin, melanoidin, plant hormones (phytohormones).

Ingredient Content
рН 9,0 — 9,5
Humic acids, g/l 25,0
Fulvic acids, g/l 5,0
Nitrogen (N), g/l 90,0
Phosphorus (P), g/l 40,0
Potassium (K), g/l 95,0
Magnesium (Mg), g/l 0,5
Sulfur (S), g/l 10,0
Silicon (Si), g/l 15,0
Manganese (Mn), g/l 0,5
Zinc (Zn), g/l 0,5
Copper (Cu), g/l 0,4
Cobalt (Co), g/l 0,3
Molybdenum (Mo), g/l 0,4
Boron (B), g/l 0,5

Fertilizer «Gumisil A» is released in 10 liter (2.64 gallon) jerrycans.

Shelf life is 2 years.

Fertilizer should be stored in a dry premises within +5° to +25° С (+41° to +77° F) temperature range. Freezing is prohibited.

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Mineral bio fertilizer
Mineral bio fertilizer
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