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Mine zernosushilka of PERRY

Mine zernosushilka of PERRY

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandPERRY
  • Country of manufactureUnited Kingdom
  • TypeMine
  • Principle of dryingStreaming
  • Type of fuelNatural Gas
  • Method of travelStationary

Mine zernosushilka of the continuous mixed stream of PERRY are exported for drying of various loose crops worldwide. PERRY manufactured the first dryer in 1954. All zernosushilka are developed and manufactured in Great Britain. Standardly released dryers have productivity in the range from 5 t/h up to 500 t/h, but at the same time there is always an opportunity to make the dryer according to requirements of the client.

Main advantages of the dryers PERRY: 

- All details of dryers are made of a combination of the details processed by method of deep hot galvanizing, previously zinced steel and details with brilliant galvanizing;

- A design the section allowing to dry up evenly any product;

- Low fuel consumption, economic fuel equipment;

- High-performance pneumatic mechanism of unloading;

- The strengthened design of all details of dryers;

- Thermal insulation of the camera of hot air;

- In a basic equipment hatches of the emergency unloading are delivered;

- Inverters for adjustment of productivity of axial fans;

- The control system of a zernosushilka on the basis of PLC with the touch screen, is completely own development of the PERRY company;

- A possibility of remote control, management and diagnostics of the dryer on means of the Internet;

- Full technical support directly from the producer;

- Dryers can be delivered both with unary, and with the double mine, from 2 m to 8 m wide;

- The manufacturer has own drying complex, for carrying out researches and tests of new developments in the sphere drying grain.

Principle of work

The reserve section of the dryer is supported filled with grain by means of system of giving. It provides continuous filling of the mine with grain that is necessary for effective work. On the page of the choice of cultures of the control panel data on culture, for obtaining optimum speed and the correct temperature of drying are entered. You enter a type of grain, i.e. flour-grinding wheat or sunflower, humidity of culture on an entrance to the dryer and desirable humidity at the exit from the dryer. Then PLC dryers calculates the optimum productivity of the dryer and working temperatures.

Heat source (the agent of drying), as a rule, is the diesel or gas torch. But at the request of the client, steam generators, furnace blocks on biomass, etc. can be also used.

When drying easy cultures, such as colza, it is necessary to reduce amount of the air passing through a zernosushilka. The inverters allowing to lower productivity of fans for reduction of amount of the air blown through grain and exceptions of carrying out of grain via fans are for this purpose used.

After the zernosushilka was heated-up during the short period of time, unloading can be started. Unloading represents a set of gates which open and closed with certain intervals, by means of pneumatic cylinders. All settings of the discharger are exposed in the control panel and can be corrected manually by the operator of the dryer.

The first grain loaded into a zernosushilka at the beginning of drying process, will not be dried up as it did not pass through a drying zone, and at once got to a cooling zone. Therefore this grain has to be (returned back) retsirkulirovano in the dryer. At this time the operator has to check periodically humidity of grain on an entrance and an exit from the dryer. When desirable moisture content at the exit is reached, the route of transportation changes in such a way that dry grain goes further on the technological line, for example to storage. Recirculation is turned off.

As soon as the operator is confident that constant humidity of grain at the exit from the dryer is maintained, the automatic mode allowing PLC can be chosen to operate a zernosushilka without the need for constant presence of the operator.

Structure of the grain mine.

The grain mine a zernosushilok of PERRY consists of sections (boxes) with the entering and leaving air channels through which passes hot (a drying zone) and cold (a cooling zone) air. Vertically down the grain mine grain which in process of advance gives moisture to the air passing through channels down moves.

- The grain mine of dryers is made of galvanized steel 2 mm thick and has a smooth design, without ledges, for decrease in the rest of dust and straw, excepting creation of jams and sources of ignition. Angular vertical racks are made of steel 5 mm thick.

- Conical shape of boxes of a zernosushilka provides uniform drying of a product.

The top number of boxes a zernosushilok are made of galvanized steel 3 mm thick.

- In the grain mine the level sensors operating loading of the dryer are installed. Also in the mine temperature sensors, for control of temperature and humidity of a product are installed. At the request of the client, line sensors of humidity can be optionally installed.

- Gates for adjustment of a ratio of quantity of sections of drying/cooling. Standardly productivity of dryers is given at 25 – 30% cooling.


All zernosushilka of the PERRY company are delivered with high-performance wearproof pneumatic mechanisms of unloading. Under pneumatic dischargers are established unloading the bunker.

- Completely galvanized design of all system of unloading.

Double pistons on mechanisms of unloading of 2, 3 and 4 m. On 4 pistons on unloading mechanisms a zernosushilok of 5, 6 and 8 m.

- The pneumatic control panel, is installed on lateral face of the mechanism of unloading.

- Duration of time of opening and frequency of dischargers are completely regulated from the control panel of a zernosushilka.

- Strengthened unloading the bunker, are made of galvanized steel 3 mm thick.

- Observation ports are installed in bunkers.

Manual latches are installed in each bunker for input of a certain amount of culture in the unloading conveyor.

- The compressor is included in the package of delivery of a zernosushilka.

Fuel equipment and torches

The dryers PERRY are delivered with direct and indirect heating via the heat exchanger, at the choice of the client.

Dryers can be completed:

- Three-stage torches, for diesel fuel (1,0 liters on renting of 1% of humidity).

- Completely modulated torches, for natural (1,2 m3 on renting of 1% of humidity) or the liquefied gas (1,2 liters on renting of 1% of humidity).

- Two fuel torches – diesel/gas.

- Furnace blocks.

For obtaining the low temperatures of the agent of drying necessary at a small stream of air, or when drying seed material, the PLC panel allows to disconnect torches if installation of smaller nozzles is not enough.

Versions of fans and mufflers

Dryers  are equipped with high-performance axial fans, with various options of installation:

- Frontal;

- Side;

- Vertical.

All fans can be equipped:

- Air-controlled antidust gates.

- Protective weather gates.

- Mufflers according to requirements.

- Dust removal CentriKleen.

CentriKleen - the economic and simple solution of problems with emission of dust and chaff from your zernosushilka.

-  Installation on the existing axial fans of all models a zernosushilok is possible.

Without increase in power of the electric motor.

Collecting to 95% of visible dust and chaff.

Does not demand an additional steel support.

There are no moving parts.

- Full galvanization.

Dust and chaff can be collected in the trailer or the bunker for dust.

- Now models are available to axial fans with a diameter of 1 m and 1,25 m.

- Harper Adams's university made independent assessment of productivity of CentriKleen. The full report is available on demand.

For adjustment of productivity of PERRY fans proposes a number of the solutions allowing to dry without loss even the easiest cultures (colza, flax, etc.):

- In a basic equipment of a zernosushilka have inverters, for adjustment of productivity of fans, for the purpose of reduction or increase in a stream of the air passing through the dryer.

- In zernosushilka with several fans in the PLC panel, function is built in to switch off fans. For use of this option on fans gates have to be installed.

Access and cleaning of a zernosushilka. 

All design of the dryers PERRY is directed to the most effective drying, but how many the design would not be ideal, in the course of drying the set of the factors leading to need of cleaning of the equipment (dust, chaff, etc.) is formed.

For access and cleaning are provided in the dryers PERRY:

- Big   doors   of access   to   the taking-away   camera.   They   also                 allow to make cleaning of partitions over the discharger.

- In a zernosushilka there are many corrugated cross crossbeams which can be used as a ladder to get access to the dryer for cleaning and survey.

- Viewing glasses in the taking-away camera allow to exercise control of a congestion of dust and chaff.

Zernosushilki with the double mine

Zernosushilki with the double mine combine productivity of the big dryer, with the flexibility allowing to use also a half of a zernosushilka for drying of small portions of grain.

When the zernosushilka has to have big productivity, it can be delivered in the form of the dryer with the double mine. In this case instead of one productivity of a zernosushilka, for example, of 60 t/h it has 2 mines with a productivity of 30 t/h everyone.

It means that if there is only a small amount of culture which is subject to drying, then it is possible to use only one mine, thus, start of drying will require only a half of the amount of culture necessary for filling of all zernosushilka.

Also the first mine can be left the filled one culture while the second  mine is used for drying of other culture to reduce loss of time spent for devastation and a refill of a zernosushilka upon transition from one culture to another.

Control panel of the dryer

The control system of a zernosushilka on the basis of PLC with the touch screen, is completely own development of the PERRY company:

- 12" touch screen.

Own software.

- Simple, intuitively clear interface with Russian of management.

- More than 70 alarm systems and messages.

Automatic configuration for various cultures and moisture content.

- Perhaps additions of control of other elevator cars (noriya, conveyors, separators, etc.).

Some features of the control panel of the dryers PERRY:

- Operate the dryer from your computer or by means of the appendix available (free of charge) in Play Google shop or in iTunes.

- Sending reports on a state by e-mail and in a text form on the chosen numbers and e-mail addresses.

An opportunity    to operate or watch  a zernosushilka far off from any computer connected to the Internet.

- An opportunity to download all magazine of alarm systems and the written-down operating conditions of a zernosushilka.

- Remote connection by engineers of PERRY, for diagnostics of malfunctions.

A possibility of export of all written-down operating conditions of a zernosushilka and contents of moisture in Excel and automatic creation of daily reports.

- The calculator of fuel consumption is switched on.

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