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Mine zernosushilka of Kepler Weber

Mine zernosushilka of Kepler Weber

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandKepler Weber
  • Country of manufactureBrazil
  • TypeMine
  • Profile7-5-16,5 m
  • Volume of loading46,5 Ton
  • Productivity29 t/h

The Kepler Weber company (Brazil) since 1976 is engaged in production of the elevator equipment for storage and processing of grain. Are intended to Zernosushilki Kepler Weber ADS (Automatic Drying System) for effective and safe drying of all types of grain, bean, oil-bearing crops, and also seed material. Annual output zernosushilok more than 600 pieces. Zernosushilka KEPLER WEBER is equipped with system of recovery of heat. The producer offers two types of drying columns ― traditional, with three-coal boxes (a zernosushilka with a possibility of drying of grain with a contamination to 1%) and zhelobkovy, with self-cleaning function (a zernosushilka with a possibility of drying of grain with a contamination to 4%). Zernosushilka has potential of continuous work with okhlazhdeny grains and without cooling.

Zernosushilki on alternative energy sources, namely ― zernosushilka on straw, spill, pod, biowaste were known in Ukraine until recently. The KEPLER WEBER company (Brazil) represents a novelty ― mine zernosushilka which are equipped as torches on natural gas, propane-butane, diesel (oven) fuel, and heatgenerators on firewood (pod). Heatgenerators on solid fuel, are manufactured of a fire-resistant brick, and an internal metalwork consists their heat-resistant cast iron that causes their durability and reliability. The thought-over heatgenerator design on firewood (pod) differing in high inertness allows to maintain constant temperature within 40 ― 110 °C. If necessary to stop drying process, the heatgenerator of a zernosushilka is transferred from the burning mode to the decay mode, and excess heat is taken away in a flue.

Zernosushilki Kepler Weber with heatgenerators on firewood (pod)

Drying of grain happens in 70% of volume of mine and cooling in 30% of mine of a zernosushilka then, the subsequent long storage of grain is possible. The external air which passed through cooling section selects heat at hot dry grain and, is mixed to the main volume of the drying air that allows to save fuel and the electric power. Also, drying in a drying column of a zernosushilka without cooling, for increase in productivity by 7-10%, with the subsequent cooling in a silo is possible. All dryers for grain on firewood, can be equipped at the same time with both a gas (diesel) torch, and the heatgenerator on firewood. Since the ADS 40 R model, zernosushilka on firewood, already in basic execution, are equipped with cyclofans for utilization of dust and garbage from the air used when drying. Zernosushilka on firewood is the most economic tool for drying of grain in the Ukrainian market.

Zernosushilok on solid Kepler Weber fuel it is possible to look at video work on the youtube on ssyla:

Zernosushilki Kepler Weber with torches on natural gas, propane, diesel fuel

Zernosushilki ADS the Kepler Weber companies are one of the most qualitative products in the market of zernosushilny equipment. This hi-tech zernosushilka, as much as possible uses process of recovery of heat spent for heating and drying of grain weight. Differ in Zernosushilki Kepler Weber in a simple and reliable design of a zernosushilny column and the unloading mechanism. Are equipped with aspiration cyclofans for utilization of dust and air from the fulfilled air. Are intended to Zernosushilki Kepler Weber for drying of all types of grain, bean, oil-bearing crops, and also seed material. Zernosushilka Kepler Weber can be the combined execution ― with a gas (diesel) torch and the heatgenerator on firewood (pod).

Drying mine

Represents a design from modular panels from galvanized steel of 275 g/m ². The drying column can consist of peaks or fillets, perpendicular to a grain stream.

  • Mine with peaks

The greatest distribution was gained by zernosushilny mines with kozyrkovy elements which are traditional for most of producers. Such design was improved for decades for increase of uniformity of drying on all volume of mine and generally can differ only in degree of protection of elements against corrosion or quality of the applied material. A type of material of which elements are made and its thickness define service life of mine. For increase of uniformity of drying of grain the mine has to be rather high. Besides, it is good to establish buffer capacities on an entrance and an exit of zernosushilny knot. These capacities will accumulate grain for uniform and stable operation of the dryer, and will promote besides hashing of grain and obtaining identical humidity of grain on an entrance and an exit from drying knot.

As shows experience, one of the main shortcomings of mine with kozyrkovy elements is that grain which passes through such mine has to be rather well purified especially of large pollution. Grain in drying mine is filled up through an opening on the center of mine and at the filled dryer it pours on top of a grain prism. At the same time large impurity come down to the basis of this prism, i.e. to walls of mine where can collect and not pass between kozyrkovy elements. There are peculiar "nests" through which hot air constantly is blown. Impurity are overdried, and at emergence of the slightest spark there can come their ignition. Most often ignition begins in the top part of the dryer.

  • Mine with fillets

For reduction of fire danger, especially in dryers in which heat exchangers are not used the mine with so-called zhelobkovy elements was developed. Producers still call such mine self-cleaning. In such mine the probability of lag of large pollution on elements of mine is much less, for such mine existence to 4% of pollution in grain is allowed. Most often such type of mine is used in the dryers of production of Brazil and Argentina working at firewood or at pod of sunflower or rice. As in these dryers the open flame since they work without heat exchanger, the producer for additional increase of fire safety obliges the consumer to provide the high speed of passing of grain via the dryer in the course of drying is used.


Dryers are equipped with high-performance axial fans with adjustable blades from cast aluminum which allow to regulate the power of absorption and emission of firm particles, with low noise level.

Control panel

The electronic system of monitoring allows to control the air temperature of drying and a stream of unloading of grain. Simple management optimizes and provides reliable and

safe work.

System of unloading

  • Unloading with inclined shovels

It is put in action by a motorreduktor with the frequency regulator, and the regulator of amplitude of the movement of shovels at the exit from mine. Thin control of unloading according to a type of dry grain is reached. The system can work at the high level of pollution of a product.

  • Pneumatic unloading

It is controlled by means of the timer which puts the pneumatic piston in action, releasing a product parties, providing uniform cleaning of peaks. Such unloading is applied to the line of dryers with peaks.


  • Set for drying of grain in the blank mine

With installation of this set in mine with peaks it is possible to carry out drying in small volumes only on 1/3 all products in a tower.

  • System of cyclofans for removal of dust

Consists of the cyclones located behind fans which select the dust particles blown from grain in the course of drying and utilize them.

  • Expanded Control panel

The alternative of drying control which is responsible for the following:

  • monitoring and control of temperature and unloading;
  • humidity control;
  • blocking of fans and unloading;
  • Memory for 15 days of work;
  • Safety alarm system.

Carrying out contact with the control panel controller on the Internet, you can receive visualization of data of drying from a remote location for fast decision-making. Data storage is provided and the sequence of operations is traced.

  • The monitoring system of temperature of the drying agent for heatgenerators on


The system is used in heatgenerators on biofuel and consists of the mechanical controller connected with blinds of supply of the external air operated by temperature sensors for control and adjustment of temperature of the drying agent.

  • Ladders and platforms

On zernosushilka of the average and large sizes the ladders of internal and external access meeting the requirements of technical safety with antiskid floors, chippers protections for legs, a handrail and intermediate platforms can be established.

  • Sources of thermal energy

Dryers are intended for work with the following power sources:

  • gas torches (the natural or liquefied LPG gas);
  • steam heat exchanger;
  • diesel torches with the heat exchanger;
  • heatgenerators on biofuel (firewood, pod, granules).
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Mine zernosushilka of Kepler Weber
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