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(1-metoksi-2-propanol; 1-1-metoksi-2-hydroxypropane; Metilproksitol)

Dowanol PM Glycol Ether CAS 107-98-2




Chemical formula:


CAS 107-98-2

Technical characteristics of production:

Name of parameter Norm
Molecular weight, g/mol 90,1
Freezing temperature, 0C minus 96
Boiling temperature, 0C 120
Density at 20 0C, g/cm3 0,92
Viscosity at 20 0C, mpa*s 1,93
Index of refraction at 20 0C 1,404
Superficial tension at 20 0C, mn/m 28,3
Pressure of vapors at 20 0C, Mbar 11,5
n-butylacetate =1 0,70
ethyl oxide = 1 25

Metoksipropanol (METHOXIPROPANOL (Methyl PROXITOL)) is a colourless, flammable liquid with low toxicity. Has weak, pleasant aroma. Liquid perfectly mixes up with water and other organic solvents, well dissolves many organic substances, acts as the deputy of many glycols (E-row)

Metoksipropanol is used as solvent of typographical paints: provides good solubility for a wide range of pitches, including acrylic, epoxy, alkidny, poliesterovy, nitrocellulose and polyurethane. Positive property for formation of a covering, is also good binding ability.
Metoksipropanol - good substitute E - a number of solvents; especially, EM (methyl air of ethylene glycol). Mixing the main solvent and metoksipropanol it is possible to use it for delay of the main solvent. Advantages of use of a metoksipropanol: low toxicity. Reduction of a superficial tension and a good evaporability - some of benefits from use of a metoksipropanol. These properties allow to apply this substance to dissolution of polar and unpolar materials.
Combination: metoksipropanol, it can be applied in a combination with other solvents of a R-row: (the glycoleft air) the area of their application also expands. Metoksipropanol has very low content of primary alcohol - lower than 2%. Primary alcohol much more active, than secondary alcohol. Low content of primary alcohol minimizes chemical reactions with the dissolved substance.
Besides the above, metoksipropanol removal of smudges and a mask can be also used in cleaning, and.
Metoksipropanol is used also in the agricultural, cosmetic, printing industry as a delay mechanism for the press on fabric and polymeric products by alcohol-soluble paints.

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