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Medals are souvenir

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Level of our production allows to turn out qualitative products, both in the direction of exclusive gifts, and in production of souvenir products. Use of high - standard electroplated coating guarantees durable preservation of an original form.
Let's make medals and breastplates for heroes of the anniversary, the military personnel, sports competitions, the companies, the enterprises for individual design.
We render the widest range of services in the field of souvenir products:

  • Development of design
  • Electroplated coating
  • Production of various cliches and matrixes;
  • Molding
  • Production of souvenir figurines
  • Medals
  • Cups
  • Awards
  • Breastplates

To understand the principle of pricing and terms of production, it is important to understand the production technology. In brief, everything occurs in the following order: on the basis of the vector sketch the technological sketch is developed, according to this sketch from soft metals by means of acid etching or a milling 3D engraving the master model is made, further the fashion designer finishes this model manually, the model is formed in special Italian silicone high - temperature rubber for receiving a print, after a form is improved, molding happens in the centrifugal car under pressure, the cast products are smoothed out from obloya, wash in an ultrasonic bathtub, in galvanic shop by means of electrochemical methods become covered with necessary metals, are washed out, dry, painted with cold color enamels, packed.

The most expensive stages in production are production of master model and form. These are about 50% of order cost. Therefore there is a concept of the minimum order, and its cost turns out very high. Time of preparation for production makes 1 - 2 days, model and a form of 4 - 5 days, the rest of the time it directly production. Optimum term is 14 - 15 working days.

To have an opportunity to visually present a desirable product, it is necessary to develop carefully the sketch in a vector format. Correctly developed sketch allows not to make a so - called "alarm" sample which, besides, costs much enough both with financial, and from a temporary position.

All badges, as a rule, have the same types of fastening, namely: a collet clip or the screw with wrapping. Expediency of the choice of fastening depends on how it is often supposed to carry a sign. The grip on the term of operation and reliability of fastening concedes to the screw with wrapping, but it has an important advantage: it does not spoil clothes (a sign easy to remove and fasten to other clothes, without leaving at the same time any marks). Earlier as fastening also the pin was applied, but at the same time the sign drooped that made unpleasant impression therefore now it is practically not used.

By default all products are packed into individual polyethylene bags. If necessary delivery of products in flokovy boxes is possible. Sports medals are delivered, as a rule, already complete with a tape.

The covering of all products is carried out in the galvanic way. Among the types of a covering applied by us: brilliant nickel, gold, white and nielloed silver, red and nielloed copper (under bronze).

Badges and medals become covered with also color cold enamels of various flowers and shades. It is important to know that color enamels initially liquid therefore it is impossible to apply two colors on one plane or on both parties of one product (in view of features of drying of enamel). Between color enamels on one plane always there has to be any metal element (divider). For giving to a badge of additional volume and improvement of its mechanical durability the badge is often covered with transparent epoxy over color enamels.

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Medals are souvenir
Medals are souvenir
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