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Means of self-defense from dogs of Kontrol-AS, 65 ml

Means of self-defense from dogs of Kontrol-AS, 65 ml

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Russia, Tyumen
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandКонтроль антидог
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • ConditionNew

The Russia's first powerful and compact barrel for reflection of attacks of aggressive animals (dogs, wolves, bears).
Structure same, as well as at "elder brother" - an anti-bear barrel of Kontrol-AS, 225 ml.

Contains the most powerful concentration of the substance operating on animals so far - to 15% of DV (a know-how of "Antizver") from composition of natural extracts of plants with a smell, extremely unpleasant for animals (influences animals also - as a hydrogen sulfide smell on the person). High concentration of such DV is necessary that at its evaporation the airborne suspension of the substances influencing organs of vision, breath and, above all - sense of smell animal and blokirushchy aggression of animals at the level of their main instinct of self-preservation was formed.

Some producers use as DV only OS (extract of red pepper), but practical tests showed that at hit on a muzzle of an animal of pepper of high concentration he begins to behave as a wounded bird and even more actively shows aggression therefore we entered into structure of DV Kontrol-AS extracts of plants which animals fear like the plague and we influence animals not so much by irritation of eyes and airways, how many by impact on congenital reflexes of animals.

Filling by liquid structure with DV - 65-70% of the total amount of a barrel. This greatest possible filling as in a barrel the place and is necessary for propellant (gas which pushes out liquid from a barrel). Many unfair producers pursuing excess profit do not specify this percent of filling of liquid in a barrel at all and pour liquid at the bottom, or on 1/3 from barrel volume. We fill barrels in accordance with GOST, and then "we fight" against such almost empty barrels in one price category. Such was a paradox in the market, because of lack of information of buyers now.

- Dimensions of 35х90 mm, volume are 65 ml, weight is 0,065 kg
- Filling by liquid structure: 65-70% of barrel volume;
- The recommended range of dispersion from 1 to 4 m; Under favorable weather conditions – more than 6 m
- Time of continuous dispersion 3-4 seconds.
- Working temperature from - 40 C to +50 C
- Expiration date: 3 years from a date of issue.

There is DV option - with menthol (an alphabetic reference at the bottom of a cylinder - M), for application in the enclosed space (in in the elevator, insides of vehicles), for hauling of the dogs linked in fight to frighten off larger aggressive animal "having damped his ardor", without causing to it any harm, having protected itself and the pet.
It is made also at requests of dog breeders, by an example of foreign analogs of such barrels, in t of h in the countries where use of pepper (OS) as DV in barrels is forbidden, but on free sale barrels with menthol which sell even in drugstores there are resolved. Besides, barrels with menthol can be used for training of staff of law enforcement and security agencies.

Instead of the standard activator (button) the barrel can be completed with the activator (button) with a bright small lamp. Serves as a tseleukazatel and blinds an aggressor then application of DV since the aggressor does not see the moment of its application any more is more effective. With such activator more comfortably in a night-time. Dispersion with such activator only jet and aerosol (JA), but range of dispersion is about 1 m more, than with the standard activator.

Alphabetic reference at the bottom of a cylinder of types of dispersions:

And - aerosol; With - jet; SA - jet and aerosol; M - with menthol; G - gel;
F - the activator with a bright small lamp-tseleukazatelem.

For increase in range of dispersion we recommend to raise a hand with a barrel over ourselves at an angle 45 degrees up and to spray liquid taking into account wind small roundabouts towards an aggressive animal. It is not obligatory to try "to fill in" a muzzle of an animal with liquid DV. For an animal often happens to inhale enough a smell of DV in the form of a fine cloud to put to flight it.

Against the person it is forbidden to apply, except occurrence of circumstances of necessary defense (according to Art. 37 of the criminal code of Russian Federation).

This means was developed on the basis of tests of the gas weapon of self-defense of "Kontrol-UM". By results of tests range of dispersion was a little increased and concentration and composition of active ingredient is considerably increased.

Not to provoke animals to attack, we recommend to you to process also your clothes and ammunition smell converter "Hunter", productions of our plant.

Barrels of "Kontrol-AS" are recognized the best in Russia. Winners (winners) of the competition "100 best goods of Russia"! (a photo of diplomas see below).

Reportings on a barrel of "Kontrol-AS" as about a unique novelty of the Russian production, were shown on Channel One of TV of Russia, ORT and other central channels of television. Articles were published in more than 60 large mass media worldwide.

The price of Kontrol-AS is more than 4 times lower than on import barrels similar to destination. In Russia there are no analogs yet.

Kontrol-AS, 65 ml – this small barrel is created for your victory over aggressive animals!

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Means of self-defense from dogs of Kontrol-AS, 65 ml
Means of self-defense from dogs of Kontrol-AS, 65 ml
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