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Means of body hair KOOGIS HAIR REMOVAL CREAM (Koogis Heir removal spell Cream) – Granada, OOO |
Buy Means of body hair KOOGIS HAIR REMOVAL CREAM (Koogis Heir removal spell Cream)
Means of body hair KOOGIS HAIR REMOVAL CREAM (Koogis Heir removal spell Cream)

Means of body hair KOOGIS HAIR REMOVAL CREAM (Koogis Heir removal spell Cream)

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Technical characteristics

Any woman though sometimes concerned about the question, which way would be best to get rid of excess vegetation on the body. Means KOOGIS 'HAIR REMOVAL CREAM allow you to completely get rid of the hair, and in this case, you will be insured by that miss a few hairs and "discover" them in the most inopportune moment. Since the cream is made on a natural basis, it is both highly effective and does not harm the skin. So you can use it without worrying about the possible negative consequences.


- Eliminates the hair, gives a smooth skin;

- It moisturizes the skin, imbues it with vitamins and other nutrients;

- Improves the local blood circulation;

- Reduces the appearance of inflammatory and allergic reactions;

- Slows down hair growth in the future;

- contributes to the fact that the hair becomes thinner, lighter and generally imperceptible;

- Increases the local protective properties.


A lot of people and, of course, especially women, seek to ensure that the body was the most well - groomed. And to achieve this is impossible without a thorough hair removal. To achieve this you will easily be able to use a removal spell Koogis Heir Cream, using this tool will not have to make any effort - the skin in any way will be clean and beautiful.

The product has many advantages, it has no contraindications and produces no side reactions. The product has a very affordable price, so everyone can afford to buy it. Also worth noting is that the funds are sufficient economically spent and, therefore, the cream is enough for a long time. Dermatologists who have studied means positive about it and say that it provides a wonderful, and, most importantly, long - term effect.


The product contains only natural origin components that allow you to get a good result thanks to its natural properties. Uniquely selected composition is able to completely rid you of excess vegetation on the body and give you a smooth skin for a long time.

Due to the fact that in the no chemistry tool does not contain chemical, synthetic or other harmful substances and therefore absolutely no harm to the body. It is noteworthy that, thanks to this tool also does not cause allergic reactions. Substances present in the composition, can have a positive effect on the skin and, accordingly, when used regularly, it heals and saturated with vitamins.

Mode of application

This agent must be applied to pre - cleaned dry skin, massaging and leave for 5 - 8 minutes, the cream had time to act. Thereafter means together with hairs to be eliminated or cloth rinse with warm water.

Before using the funds advised to read the instructions from the manufacturer.

return Policy

Return the tool may, in accordance with applicable law.


The product is not a drug . It is not a dietary supplement .

All results are highly individual and depend on the characteristics of the organism.



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Means of body hair KOOGIS HAIR REMOVAL CREAM (Koogis Heir removal spell Cream)
Means of body hair KOOGIS HAIR REMOVAL CREAM (Koogis Heir removal spell Cream)
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