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Manufacturer of cheese 300l

Manufacturer of cheese 300l

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandУкраинские умные машины
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Wattage18 kW
  • ProductivityATTIC g / min
  • Сыроизготовитель300л
  • Сыродельная ванна300л
  • Сыроварня300л
  • Пастеризатор-сроварня300л
  • Сыроварка

" ATTIC " produces pasteurizers - manufacturer of cheese from 100 liters to 1000 liters.

The equipment is designed for receiving and processing curd in the manufacture of soft and hard cheeses. The manufacturer of cheese produced heating milk, its mixing, cooling, souring, obtaining clot, followed by cutting of it and kneading.

Cheese - making bath equipped with:

- a cover (usually of two halves)
- C tidal raw crane (crane milk - Butterfly DN100)
- Nozzle overflow water in the jacket, fitting complete draining water from jacket water inlet for cooling fluid.
- Easily removable agitator for mixing milk and curd.


- Easily removable lira for cutting the curd

- Drive the mixer set on otvorotnoy rack, freeing the working zone for manual processing and cutting


- C YSTEM controls on the front panel of the console:

- controller with touch screen control


- Automatic heating up Tzadannoy and endurance given time Tzadannoy.

- Display and recording of the temperature recording to flash - memory. Schedule temperature

- View the temperature archives with flash - memory on the external computer.

- Programmable mixer.

- frequency converter for adjusting the stirrer speed 3 - 23ob / min

- Mode - reverse rotation to switch the mixer, either clockwise or counterclockwise.


- Timer for mixer, cooking

- System poblokovogo incorporating heaters (heating, cooking, maturation)

- Electronic control of jacket temperature thermal sensors and raw materials ( "for podlitso" sensor)
- Circulation pump hot water in the jacket.


- pneumatic mechanism for tilting the cheese tubs

- protection system incorporating dry heaters.

- To protect the jacket from being damaged by excessive pressure on the water supply line into the jacket from an external water pipes installed : pressure gauge (to control the pressure in the jacket), pressure reducer (to avoid lifting the overpressure in the coolant), a safety valve in case of failure of the pressure regulator


- The bottom of the cheese tubs with flat radius.

- The slope of the bath for a complete discharge - pneumatic


To work the cheese tubs are needed:

- E. 380V and grounding energy

- Clean tap water

- Compressed air 2atm min

Product unit is heated by embedded heaters or hot water from an external source (gas boiler, and the solid - t. D. ). Bath cheese made from stainless steel. Material - stainless steel AISI 304. 


1. Connect to an external PC for remote control and management of the archive with the printout to the printer.

2. External email. boiler and the heat exchanger. This makes it possible to heat and cool without changing the clean water in the bath shirt. Then the salt does not fall on TENah and bath shirt that increases the lifespan and quality of heat exchange.

3. The compressor for compressed air.

4. Trolley for cheese molds

5. Press for manual cheese or pneumatic. Automation provide a predetermined pressure at the time the cheese head according compression algorithm (to ensure a constant product quality).

6. Assembly and starting - up and adjustment works.

7. training.

8. Implementation of a master - class.

9 . Warranty and service.

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Manufacturer of cheese 300l
Manufacturer of cheese 300l
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