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Poznitsa of 7,5 l Article: C1720.3
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Poznitsa of 12 l Article: C1724.3P


1. The enamel applied to an internal covering has to conform to requirements of GOST (officially it is considered the most "tough" standard in the world) and should not include compounds of some metals, admissible for an external covering. Therefore the ware of LLC Sibirskiye tovary becomes covered with enamels of the following flowers inside: black, white, gray-blue, pale-yellow. Other pigments contain the chemical compounds exceeding norms, inadmissible for an internal covering, for example, of compound of manganese, cadmium, etc. Therefore upon purchase of the enameled ware it is important to pay special attention to color of enamel in a product. Use of the products covered from within, brown, red, yellow enamel, etc. is unhealthy. Nevertheless, some producers let out such ware, seeking to lower costs. It is connected with the fact that production, for example, of a red pan of red color costs cheaper inside, than production of a red pan with snow-white enamel inside. Seeking to reduce the price of goods, some producers let out ware which use is unsafe for health of buyers. Therefore upon purchase of ware it is necessary that on a label GOST was specified.

2. Upon purchase of the enameled ware it is necessary to pay attention to quality of an enamel covering. Opaque or oily spots on a glossy surface of enamel are inadmissible. Such defects demonstrate low-quality roasting. Naturally, quality of such enamel extremely low.

3. At the bottom of products without rim "points" - traces from needles on which the product is put and burns in the furnace are allowed. On products with a rim, there are no such traces since for roasting they are put upside down, and the board then is closed by a rim from stainless steel.

4. At many producers of the enameled ware of a product have a double layer of an integumentary enamel covering. The difference consists as enamel and thickness of layers. The enamel covering of LLC Sibirskiye tovary is optimum on thickness. Too thick layer of enamel is a consequence of correction of marriage of drawing any of enamel layers since, poor pro-enameled product goes to an enameling stage again. There are roughnesses of a covering which are most subject to chips at operation.

5. The European producers, seeking to reduce the price of production, reduce enamel thickness, use technology of a dusting, but not dipping that leads to reduction of service life of a product.

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