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Magnesium oxide

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Chemical formula: MgO
Synonym: Magnesium oxide, magnesia, magnesium oxide, magnesia usta
International name: Magnesium Oxide
CAS No: 1309-48-4
Qualification: "chda"
Appearance: white powder
Packing: bags, 25 kg
Storage conditions: in the dry, well aired room
MAGNESIUM OXIDE (Magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide, magnesia) MgO - colourless crystals. The volatility of Magnesium of oxide becomes noticeable at 2000 °C. Solubility of Magnesium oxide in water is insignificant. In fine-crystalline state in the form of thin white powder (so-called amorphous MgO) absorbs water vapor and CO2 from air, forming Mg (OH) 2 and MgCO3; easily interacts with acids. The oxide which is strongly calcinated Magnesium loses ability to attach water and to be dissolved in acids.

Magnesium oxide meets in the nature in the form of rare mineral of periclase. The industry of Magnesium receives oxide roasting of magnesite and dolomite, thermal decomposition of magnesium of sulfate, the main carbonate 3MgCO3×Mg (OH)2×3H2O (magnesia alba). Properties of marketable products (magnesia usta) depend on receiving conditions, and its grades differ on the volume weight (ease), sorption ability, reactivity, etc.

• Heavy grades of Magnesium of oxide apply in production of ogneupor.
• Less heavy — for receiving magnesia cements and building materials.
• Lungs — for purification of oil products and as filler in rubber industry.
• In medicine magnesium oxide (under the name magnesia usta) is applied inside as alkaline means at the increased gastric acidity and at poisoning with acids, etc.
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Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide
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