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Lutetium metal

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Physical properties

Lutetium — metal of silver-white color, easily gives in to machining. It is the most heavy element among lanthanides both on atomic weight, and on density (9,8404 g/cm ³). Lutetium melting temperature (1663 °C) is maximum among all rare-earth elements. Thanks to effect of lantanoidny compression, among all lanthanides of lutetias has the smallest nuclear and ionic radiuses.

Chemical properties

At the room temperature on air of lutetias becomes covered by a dense oxide film, at a temperature of 400 °C is oxidized. When heating interacts with halogens, sulfur and other nonmetals.

Lutetium reacts with inorganic acids with formation of salts. At evaporation of water soluble salts of lutetium (chlorides, sulfates, acetates, nitrates) crystalline hydrates are formed.

At interaction of aqueous solutions of salts of lutetium with ftorovodorodny acid very little soluble deposit of fluoride of LuF3 lutetium is formed. The same connection can be received at reaction of Lu2O3 lutecium oxide with gaseous fluorine hydride or fluorine.


Addition of lutetium to chrome and its alloys gives the best speed-torque characteristics and improves technological effectiveness.

In recent years considerable interest in lutetium is caused, for example, by the fact that at an alloying lutetium of a number of heat-resisting materials and alloys on a chrome-nickel basis their service life sharply increases.

Production: China.
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Lutetium metal
Lutetium metal
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