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Listogib ZRD-2350

Listogib ZRD-2350

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Ukraine, Lvov
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandNASHDAH
  • ManufacturerDachdecker
  • Country of manufacturePoland
  • Type of driveManual
  • ConditionNew
  • Вес (кг)230
  • Рабочая длина (мм)2350
  • Толщина загиба метала (мм)1,0
  • Толщина резки метала (мм)0,8
  • Угол загиба (град)150

ZRD . Hand sheet bender is designed for manual cutting and bending metal sheets in accordance with the parameters specified by the manufacturer. The machine is made of stainless steel, powder painted. Equipment and supplies are protected against corrosion coating containing zinc. Listogib for adjusting and manufacturing the individual elements. This machine design provides a very high bending stiffness. Listogib also has some degree of adjustment of mechanical components, such as the angle of elevation of the presser jig, and installing clamping symmetrical beam position relative to the lower beam. All elements of the machine adjusted and there is no need for additional CO regulation.

Special offer - knife included !!!


Accessories for listogibov  ZRD (surcharge):



1. Roller knife NK-125  - knife blades (discs) made from high-alloy steel (maximum thickness of steel plate cutting 0.80 mm.). Strength margin knives is about 25 km sheets 0.5 mm thick. There are several opportunities to sharpening knives. The design is very tough blades, made of powder coated steel. Weight - 5 kg. There is also the possibility of buying CDs when worn old.
2.  Front desk (1000mm) - is used to support the sheet and its free movement. It can serve as the fixing sheets. Using the scale, which allows accurate positioning of the position for bending and cutting thickness.
3.  The CD-protractor  - allows you to bend the plate at any angle from 0 ° to 150 °. Measuring Dial allows quick setting of bending angle.
4. The pole angle limiter  - bending angle 0-150 degrees. It allows pre-setting and locking the angle limiter in the range of 0-150 degrees with the sheet metal bending in serial production.
5. Front desk  - allow you to adjust the width of the cut front bending. The design allows the resistance to rotation of 180 °, and their return to the same position. Very useful for cutting sheet metal as a standard. Front desk ispolzuyuetsya work with recurring items. It retains the same size of the length of the cut sheet. Fast and accurate measurement of the cut sheet can be obtained using a set of roulette.
6. Set to move  - use rotary wheels with brake locks. It allows you to move freely listogib.
7.  Roller doginatel - Easy to use, very fast tool for accurate pre-built clamping times in a single operation. Ideal for aesthetic finishing cornices and stalactites. Closes groove, does not violate the sheet metal, it does not damage the surface. The current element is a set of 4 rolls forming a cascade configuration, gradually increasing the pressure plate. The latter system with adjustable gap width allows the use of different tools for sheet metal thickness to obtain the required accuracy
8. The four-limiting angle  0-150 degrees - For continuous bending metal sheets in four positions from 0-150 degrees.



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Listogib ZRD-2350
Listogib ZRD-2350
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