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Liquid insulation Teplosil -Antikor

Liquid insulation Teplosil -Antikor

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Teplosil - Antikor is a heat - insulating coating for application on metal surfaces (including rusty ones) without preliminary preparation with an operating temperature of - 60 to 260 ° C in industry and in everyday life. Temperature of liquid coating application is from + 5 ° С to + 120 ° С.


Thermal insulation coating TEPLOSIL;

Designed to obtain a heat - insulating coating on surfaces of any shape that require thermal protection.

It is used for thermal insulation of external and internal surfaces of enclosing structures of residential, public and industrial buildings and structures, pipelines, air ducts, equipment, etc.

Can be applied to metal, plastic, concrete, brick and other building materials, as well as equipment, pipelines and air ducts when operating objects with temperatures from minus 60 to plus 600 ° C. (Depending on modification).

It is a white suspension, which, after drying, forms an elastic hard coating. The coating has high chemical and biological resistance and is fireproof.

From an environmental point of view, TEPLOSIL is safe. The material does not emit substances hazardous to humans and does not pose a risk to human health.

The material is fully certified


When insulating building facades and pipelines, the following positive distinctive features of the TEPLOSIL thermal insulation coating are noted:

1. The material is quickly applied to the surface of the walls, forming a seamless heat - insulating "membrane" of the entire building, excluding the appearance of "cold bridges" and dampness. Reliable thermal protection of walls is provided in accordance with modern requirements, norms and rules.

2. Buildings of any type and architecture (from industrial hangars to ancient monuments) can be insulated.

3. Additional load on the foundation is excluded, the weight of the finished coating is 350 - 500 g / m 2

4. The coating is not hygroscopic - it does not damp. Reliably protects the building from atmospheric precipitation, but at the same time, has a high ability to reflect ultraviolet rays.

5. With seasonal and daily climatic changes in temperature (transition of atmospheric moisture from the liquid phase to ice and back), the effect of "heat buffer" is observed, which prevents cracking and destruction of the cement base.

6. It can be used in the internal structures of buildings and structures for the local elimination of freezing and condensation, in the installation of heat shields, floor heating systems, etc.

7. The material is a finishing coat with the possibility of tinting in any color (light tones, shades).

8. The method of applying the TEPLOSIL material - paint and varnish works, simplicity and low labor intensity of the coating.

9.Allows to isolate any, even the most inaccessible places and any configuration (gate valves, valves, flexible pipelines).

10. The material is applied to objects with a surface temperature of up to + 150 ° C without stopping production, which ensures the stability of technological processes.

11. The repair of the coating is easy to carry out.

12. Gives objects an appropriate aesthetic appearance.

At present, TEPLOSIL material has found wide application as a heat - insulating coating for pipelines of heating networks, since the material is simply repaired and, most importantly, is vandal - resistant. The application allows to increase the comfort of living quarters, while reducing the cost of heating and air conditioning. The material is applied to objects with a surface temperature of up to + 150 ° C without stopping production, which ensures the stability of technological processes, energy savings, costs for thermal insulation and repair of problem areas. TEPLOSIL allows you to isolate any, even the most inaccessible places, and gives objects an appropriate aesthetic appearance.

It should be borne in mind that the cost of insulation work with traditional insulation will be more than 100% of the cost of the material, and the cost of work using TEPLOSIL will be no more than 50% .

TEPLOSIL prevents premature deterioration of the properties of enclosing structures due to freezing of walls (elimination of "cold bridges" - insulation of the inner surfaces of window slopes, corners of buildings, interpanel seams). TEPLOSIL prevents the accumulation of temperature fluctuations in the structures of condensation moisture (protection against the appearance of fungus, mold), is used as additional thermal insulation during the reconstruction of the existing housing stock with bringing thermal protection to modern standards, reduces the weight of building structures and gives the structures an appropriate aesthetic appearance. TEPLOSIL can be applied to walls both inside and outside the room. TEPLOSIL can be coated with any alkyd or acrylic paint.

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Liquid insulation Teplosil -Antikor
Liquid insulation Teplosil -Antikor
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