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Enquiry in India

20 Sep 2021  16:00

  Ajay ojha

28 Oct 2021  07:00

  Amjad ***

Order for Cox Instrument-Turbine Flow Meter

Cox Turbine Flowmeter ANC 8-4 or ANC 8-6 flow rate 15 - 1500 LHP, Tube size 0.5 inch, qty one please share price and shipping at the earliest

28 Oct 2021  06:01

  Madhu C

Order for CATV Power Supply (Deluxe)

We are interested in product "CATV Power Supply (Deluxe)" with the specifications: Brand: Deluxe Please sent a quote via E-mail or call back at my phone number.

27 Oct 2021  17:00

  VIJAY ***

Order for American Audio QD6 SRS

I want buy american audio qd6 dj mixar

27 Oct 2021  15:00


Order for Eurotop Mattress

I want 1 single and 1 double mattresses. Please do let me know the best possible price with a good discount n including diwali offer. As im your loyal customer.sizes are.. 84 × 75 ×8 inches 75 × 30 ×8 inches And also how soon can i get it,if i order.

27 Oct 2021  13:00

  Zain Alvi

Order for Promotional Display Stand

We are interested in product "Promotional Display Stand". Please send a quote via E-mail or call back at my phone number.

27 Oct 2021  11:00


Order for Kerosene Oil Bukhari

Please give me cost of bukhri

26 Oct 2021  23:00

  Az Khan

Order for BOOSTIN S 500

kindly let m eknow about the availibilty of the product. thanks

26 Oct 2021  16:00

  P Pathak

Order for Fr Flying Overall

Requirement of FR flying Overall for personal use. Size S5

26 Oct 2021  07:00

  Suraj ***

Order for Nitrogen Gas

1 small cointainer price for cleaning frige

26 Oct 2021  04:00


Order for Glossy Paver Blocks

I am interested in product "Glossy Paver Blocks". Please contact me to specify the price, delivery options, terms of payment and other conditions.

25 Oct 2021  07:00


Message on Calcium carbide (Romania)

Bulk requirement of 50-80 MM calcium carbide grade B for South India

25 Oct 2021  05:00

  Ajit k***

Order for Shahi Bhog Basmati Rice

आप का शाही भोग चावल मैं अपने जिले मैं बेचना चाहता हूँ

24 Oct 2021  14:00

  Saif q***

Order for Frag Rip

It’s available??? Nd how much price ???

23 Oct 2021  16:00


23 Oct 2021  15:00


Order for Vigoron

I would like to order Vigoron Multivitamin tablets. Please let me know if they are still in production and how i can procure them.

23 Oct 2021  13:00

  vidya ***

Order for 8 Ml Marco Polo

i really in need minimum 5 bottles of MARCO POLO ITTAR .PLEASE ARRANGE TO SEND TO MY ADDREESS.Please send reply or contact to my number

23 Oct 2021  12:00


Message on Cotton Bale Packing Cloth

Dear Sir, We are manufacturer cum supplier of cotton bale packing cloth cover from Gujarat. We are in this business more than 10 years.we can supply different type of bale cover as mentioned. 50-60 grm of polyester cloth cover 60-70 grm of polyester cloth cover 140-145 grm cotton-polyester cloth cover 180-190 grm cotton-polyester cloth cover 220-240 grm...

22 Oct 2021  14:00


Order for Cotton Chindi Waste

We are interested in product "Cotton Chindi Waste" with the specifications: Fiber type: Natural Type of natural fiber: Vegetable Fiber composition: Cotton Please sent a quote via E-mail or call back at my phone number.

22 Oct 2021  11:00


22 Oct 2021  04:00


Order for Sildenafil 25mg Tablet

We are interested in product "Sildenafil 25mg Tablet" with the specifications: Brand: Sildigra Country of manufacture: India Expiration date: 3 years Please sent a quote via E-mail or call back at my phone number.

21 Oct 2021  13:00


Message on BK-1000 tower crane

I want the gross weight of BK 1000 and BK 151 Tower Crane.

21 Oct 2021  08:00

  SKY IN***

Order for Hydrated Lime Powder


20 Oct 2021  06:00


Order for Mono Carton packing machine for 2kg to 4 kg

Good day, I will be starting production of washing powder and I want to package it in carton with NO PLASTIC. I need a machine that will be efficient in packaging a minimum of 50,000 boxes being 2kg each box. They will then be taken to market for the consumer to purchase. Kind regards, Lintle M. Whatsapp: +26772895000

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