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Enquiry in India

5 Dec 2023  16:58


Order for Emu Chicks

I need this emu chicks for buying please send me the details available or not available

5 Dec 2023  10:58


Order for Cigarette

We are looking for mono acetate cigeratte filter rod with following dimensions Length : 100mm Dia : 7.79mm Qty : 8 million rods per day

5 Dec 2023  07:58


Order for Aluminium Grid Ceiling

i need details of the metal grid ceiling for a project in hebbal

5 Dec 2023  07:58


Message on Naunehal Baby Tonic

How can i order this baby tonic on my addre

3 Dec 2023  14:58


Order for Aspee Earth Auger

We are interested in product "Aspee Earth Auger" with the specifications: Brand: Earth Please sent a quote via E-mail or call back at my phone number.

3 Dec 2023  12:58

  Dr Sau***

Order for Capsules Shell

We are interested in product "Capsules Shell" with the specifications: Brand: Shell Please sent a quote via E-mail or call back at my phone number.

3 Dec 2023  08:58

  k. b. ***

Message on Ferrite Core Transformers

winding m/c taping m/c lcr meter transformer tester etc

2 Dec 2023  14:58

  Satya Rao

Message on Humidity/Temperature Transmitters HT7S11

HT7S11 transmitter price required. QTY = 10 nos

2 Dec 2023  10:58


Order for Night Doshantak Powder


2 Dec 2023  10:58

  imran ***

Order for Sanjivan Kasmard

I want the no of your distributor no near darya gunj or near by

2 Dec 2023  09:58


Order for Core Veneer Wood

We need core veneer send me price and minimum order quantity

2 Dec 2023  08:58

  Dr Jee***

Message on Vichy shower

Hi, I am looking to set of Vicky shower system in our Spa. At Kavya Resort & Spa, Nagarkot, Nepal Please provide products details and price. Thank You Dr. Jeetendra Panda Spa & Wellness Manager Mob: +977-9745617600

2 Dec 2023  07:58


Order for Sole Distributor for Celesco Transducers

We have requirement for Beam encoder - Model No. RT8420-2R50-242-1130, Mk: Celesco

1 Dec 2023  11:58


Order for P-Lock Adhesive

We are interested in product "P-Lock Adhesive". Please send a quote via E-mail or call back at my phone number.

1 Dec 2023  09:58


Заказ на Чай 3 в 1 "MilkTea" 20 г.

Interested n your products for india market

1 Dec 2023  06:58


Order for Canon IR 3035 and 3045 Photocopier

cal me we need xerox machine mob no 7402253109

30 Nov 2023  04:58

  G. S M***

Order for Electric circuit breaker control switches

needed Switron Z6 DSS (Cam operated Tap change rotatory switch)

30 Nov 2023  03:58

  Syed A***

Message on Sticker Scoring Machine

Needed sticker scoring machines

29 Nov 2023  16:58

  Raja S***

29 Nov 2023  14:58


29 Nov 2023  12:58


Order for ETP Aerator

We are interested in product "ETP Aerator". Please send a quote via E-mail or call back at my phone number.

28 Nov 2023  06:58


Order for Glass Dome

Hi Im looking for glass dome of different sizes. Could you please send the details of product with sizes and also contact number. Regards Habib

28 Nov 2023  04:58

  Richi ***

Order for White Mouse

I want a healthy white mouse.

27 Nov 2023  15:58


Order for Pursharth Capsules & Granules

I want this product can hou ship this C O D or prepaid

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