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Leads PLUS is a special service for Allbiz's Traders to bring more leads on positions they placed. Buyers can also place an acquisition request and find a proper merchant with required price and amount much faster.

Enquiry in Australia

26 Jan 2024  07:00


Message on Bimetallic Thermometers

Please advise price and delivery time for one bi-metallic thermometer for cooling water service: 1. Dial size 100mm 2. Range 0 to +70 °C with 130% of FSD, accuracy +/- 1% FSD 3. Dial white with black lettering 4. Stem 6mm diameter x 100mm 5. Case 304SS 6. Wetted part 316SS 7. Adjustable head 8. Nipple ½”NPTM 9. Adjustable screw

20 Jan 2024  05:31

  Enyaw ***

20 Jan 2024  04:48

  Enyaw ***

13 Jan 2024  01:58

  Craig ***

Order for Emu chicks

Hello im interested in 200 baby emu to deliver to the Philippines can i have a price please

9 Jan 2024  06:58

  Elvis ***

Заказ на Тележка M-truck (M) для навесного лодочного мотора

Can you tell me how much shipping is for this trolley to Sydney Australaia? Thank you


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