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Leads PLUS is a special service for Allbiz's Traders to bring more leads on positions they placed. Buyers can also place an acquisition request and find a proper merchant with required price and amount much faster.

Enquiry in Switzerland

3 Feb 2023  10:59


Order for Tile of Zirconio Navona Marfil 33,3*66,6

Hi I am looking for this tiles. I have some broken ones in my bathroom and I was wondering if you have this tile in stock and would deliver it to Switzerland? Thanks of your help. Regands Ursula Church

2 Feb 2023  16:59


26 Jan 2023  10:59


Order for Duplicative press SM series

Dear, I am interesting in that type of duplicative press for dressmaker. I have small atelier. May be you can offer me something similar and good for work. Kind regards, Agnia Pavlova

19 Jan 2023  21:59


Замовлення на Забори залізобетонні декоративні, Бетонні забори, Залізобетонний забір огородження в Житомирській обл, купити г. Овруч

Доброго день. Цікавить забор + установка займайтеся. Відповідь на вайбер, телеграм і я сама перетелефоную обговорити деталі.

19 Jan 2023  05:00


Order for Sal Wood

Ladies and gentlemen, I would need construction wood. 300x300mmx9000mm (9mlong) 45 pieces, and 15 pieces 12 m long, preferably pine wood. Shipping to Czech Republic. Could you help me with this? Thank you for your answer and have a good time ahead, Gerhard


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