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The company from:Russia

Created:19 Jun 2017  11:44


Phone:To reveal

E-mail:contact data

it is necessary pay

Count:100.00 t.

Estimated total cost:1.00 RUB

Delivery basis:

CIP - main shipment and insurance are covered by the seller, by any means of transportation to the chosen location

Name of the place:

Владимирская обл.

The request from the buyer:

Ищем поставщиков свежей лисички опт/крупный опт. Заключаем договора(по Вашему желанию), оплата сразу по факту взвешивания на нашей базе без задержек нал/безнал. Вашу тару возвращаем. (рассмотрим различные условия) тел:*contact data*

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18 Sep 2017  15:00

We are interested in product "Truffles mushrooms Zakarpatye". Please send a quote via E-mail or call back at my phone number.
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15 Sep 2017  13:00
Topic: Ask to inform relevant price the white dried mushrooms.
*contact data* I am interested in large wholesale on Spain. I would be grateful if you could send your price list.
Thanks ...
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13 Sep 2017  14:00
Topic: Ask to inform current price for oyster mushroom
*contact data*

I ask to inform current price for oyster mushroom additionally specify the actual price

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13 Sep 2017  13:03
Purchase fresh mushrooms on a permanent basis to 4tonn per week.
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