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Zamovlennya to Palivn_ pelet 

The company from:Ukraine

Created:17 May 2017  14:00


Phone:To reveal

E-mail:contact data

it is necessary pay

The request from the buyer:

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Subject: Zamovlennya to Palivn_ pelet
*contact data*

Neobkh_dny goods of "Palivn_ of a peleta". Nad_shl_t, be caress, propozits_yu by E-mail of Abo zv'yazh_tsya z_ me behind phone

Zamovlennya to Palivn_ pelet

Необхідний товар "Паливні пелети". Надішліть, будь ласка, пропозицію по E-mail або зв'яжіться зі мною за телефоном

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21 Sep 2017  09:00
Subject: fuel Pellets
*contact data*

Order Pellets fuel Additionally specify the actual price

Lead details
20 Sep 2017  20:09
Brennstoff Holz Pellets. Holzpellets, Diameter 6mm, 15-Kg Sack DAP Germany
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20 Sep 2017  16:00
Subject: request for softwood pellets
*contact data*

I ask to inform current prices on Pellets of coniferous trees additionally specify the actual price, payment terms, delive...
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19 Sep 2017  09:00
Requires Òîâàð " toplevnye Pellets-pellets ". Please send a proposal via E-mail or call on my number.
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