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Заказ на Экстракт толокнянки Beta-arbutin

The company from:Netherlands

Created:22 Sep 2023  16:58


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The request from the buyer:

Respected Sir/Madam,

We would like to order various raw materials to create our own new product. We would like start with small amounts so we can mix, taste and test to create the right formula. After the formula has been determined, we would like to ask you to mix various products according to the formula and then package them. Before we can order we have a few questions:

1. Can you provide us with all raw materials described below? if yes, can you send us a quote for 50 grams per product? This is only so we can test and determine the formula.

2. What will the prices be for larger quantities? Price for 50 kilograms per product.

3. Can you provide a safety certificate for each product.

4. Are you able to mix and pack the product according to our specifications once the formula has been determined? If so, what kind of packagings can you offer and what would be the price differences?

These are the products we want to test:

Cacao extract
Maca extract
Lions mane extract
Cordyceps extract
Chaga extract
Reishi extract
Black thea extract
Rhodiola extract
Green thea extract
Green coffee beans extract
Dandelion extract
Chicory root extract
Lucuma extract
Arctium lappa extract
Mesquite extract
Biological vanila extract
Ashwagandha extract
Albizia bark extract
Nutritional yeast extract
Elderberry extract
Marine Phytoplankton extract
Chlorella extract
Goji berries extract
Spirulina extract
Quercetine extract

There may be products not existing in extract form, we choose for extract forms because it has to be desolvable in water or milk. If a product does not exist in extract form but is a powder and is desolvable, then thats okay aswell.

Hope you are able and are willing to provide us with the products and information needed.

Many thanks in advance.

Michel Vos and Sander Ouwens

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