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Chicken legs

The company from:Germany

Created:24 Jun 2020  16:56


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Count: 22.00 t.

Estimated total cost: 600.00 EUR

Delivery basis:

CFR - main shipment is covered by the seller, sea and inland water transportation to the port of shipment

Name of the port:

CFR Varna 9002 Bulgaria

The request from the buyer:

Our company is interested in the permanent purchasing of frozen chicken legs to the following specifications:
Product: Processed Grade ''A'' Chicken Legs Certified
Appearance Requirement
Weight per leg: 300 - 350 gramm
No Feathers
No Bad Smell
No Blood
No Black Pad
No Bruises
No Chemical Burns
Broken Bones Less than 3%
Moisture Less than 1%

Frozen Requirement:
Blast Frozen at -40o C
Stocked at -18o C

We would like you to provide us information about the terms and conditions of delivery (proforma of contract)
- your EU certificates for this product
- address and contacts of your stock and office of your company
- terms and conditions of the delivery of frozen chicken legs to our stock in Bulgaria, Varna, 9002
- terms and place of purchasing of a trial consignment 3-5 tons from your stock or with the delivery to our stock in Bulgaria, Varna, 9002.
We beg you to give as an actual price list to all your frozen chicken products.

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