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Kruglopryadny slings are one of versions textile a sling. The principle of use the same, as at textile tape a sling. Difference kruglopryadny a sling from tape that they more universal in use, and also at the same time are more favorable in the price of products, especially when using a sling of big loading capacity it allows to save enough means, at their application. Kruglopryadny slings are made of high-strength synthetic thread which in further process of production is reeled up in the form of a rope, forming the sling core from a large number of synthetic ropes and a woven protective integral cover which constrains synthetic ropes in a uniform bunch, and also protects rope threads from destructions when using a sling in the load-lifting purposes. Kruglopryadny slings can be executed as ring - have the form of the closed ring, and loopback - have the sling form with two loops on the ends.

Slings, reliable and resistant to wear, kruglopryadny loopback perfectly are suitable for lifting work. Due to the elasticity and the polyester core slings kruglopryadny ring, as well as loopback are almost not subject to stretching. The ring form of a sling allows to realize much more versions of schemes of a strapping of freight, than traditional two-loopback and vetvevy slings. Besides habitual strappings (a direct suspension, "in a cradle", "in a stranglehold") it is possible "to tie" freight in any other way. Besides, it is possible to carry out cargo operation by one sling that it is difficult to make by means of loopback slings.

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Kruglopryadny slings
Kruglopryadny slings
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