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Enquiry in 호주

22  십일 2023  11:58


Order for Horn Cutlery

Supplier needed for goods on your website

22  십일 2023  08:58

  Youri ***

Заказ на Мазь Виферон

Я отправлял запрос по поводу доставки виферона в Австралию для собственного пользованияю Ответ не получил. Могу еще заказать грипферон-спрей. Мой имэйл у вас есть. Спасибо.

22  십일 2023  02:58

  Youri ***

Заказ на Мазь Виферон

Могу я приобрести Виферон с доставкой в Австралию. Спасибо

22  구월 2023  06:58


Order for Eulactol Heel Balm Gold

Kindky confirm the price of 120 ml tube by courier to Bangalore please. Send details by mail only. DO NOT CALL ME SINCE PRESENTLY I AM TRAVELLING IN LONDON

19  구월 2023  16:58


Заказ на Nuno felting Silk Fabrics, Шёлковые ткани для валяния

Could you please tell me what margilan silk you have in stock and do you send to Australia

15  구월 2023  05:58


Message on Roof Tiles

We require approximately 1200 m2 of Spanish style ceramic roof tiles and 160 lineal metres of capping. Colour is variagated manganese. If you can supply please give a cost estimate. Many thanks

10  구월 2023  12:58

  Rhett ***

Order for Prima Max Injection

Hi there, I would like to make some purchases please? Can you please get in touch with me please? Warm Regards Rhett Hawksford

8  구월 2023  08:58

  Boyd W***

Order for English Moleskin Fabric

Hi Can you send samples, I manufacture mokeskin jeans in Australia looking to import from OS rather than buy local ...Thanks


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