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Kegel's exercise machine - vaginal balls K-Balls of single

Kegel's exercise machine - vaginal balls K-Balls of single

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You can get from us: Kegel's exercise machine - vaginal balls K-Balls of single

Use of the exercise machine of Kegel –

vaginal balls of "K-Balls single" TM "Anasteisha"

for prevention and treatment of omissions of bodies of a small pelvis, effective training of muscles of a pelvic bottom.

                            (The registration certificate No. FSZ 2012/11583 of 20.03.2012)

Kegel's exercises are exercises for increase of a tone of muscles of a pelvic bottom.

The developer of a set of exercises is the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel (1894-1981).

 Almost are not involved in everyday life of a muscle of a pelvic bottom and therefore with time or under the influence of negatively influencing factors, they can lose the elasticity and to become weak. Deterioration in elasticity and weakening of muscles of a pelvic bottom leads to the fact that muscles cease to cope with the main function – keeping of bodies of a small pelvis that leads to different diseases, and also to deterioration in sexual life.


For strengthening of effect, during exercises, it is possible to hold a special subject (exercise machine) in a vagina. Kegel told about bigger efficiency of exercises when performing them with the exercise machine. Results of exercises of Kegel with use of exercise machines more impressive, than without them.

Before trainings consult with the gynecologist.


Kegel's exercises are recommended to be carried out:

- for prevention and treatment of omissions of bodies of a small pelvis;

- for effective preparation for the forthcoming pregnancy and successful painless childbirth;

- for prevention and treatment of an incontience of urine and a calla;

- at an urine incontience during sneezing, cough, run;

- for recovery after the delivery the fabrics which tested severe stretching;

- for long-term maintenance of sexual health, prevention of inflammatory processes of the sexual sphere, opposition to action on an aging organism.



- use of balls during pregnancy and within 8 weeks after the delivery;

- use during periods;

- use at vaginal infections or infections of urinary tract;

- to transfer balls for use to other person;

- not to use balls at detection of damages on them.


Recommendations about use of the exercise machine of Kegel ― vaginal balls of "K-Balls single"

- before use of balls wash out them warm water with soap, dry up a pure napkin;

- apply on a product greasing on a water basis (it is possible to use usual lubricants which are on sale in drugstores);

- accept a comfortable position of a body (semi-sitting, standing or lying) and accurately enter balls into a vagina, having left outside a lace;

- you watch that muscles of legs, hips and a stomach during trainings were relaxed, do not hold the breath;

- do a set of exercises;

- upon termination of training accurately pull for a lace and take balls.




Correctly and effectively to carry out Kegel's exercises, it is necessary to define for itself where there are these muscles of a pelvic bottom.

1 way.

It is possible to try to stop an urine stream, without moving legs. If it turned out, then you found muscles which are used for this purpose. It is also muscles of a pelvic bottom. But it is not necessary to do this procedure often, it is harmful. This way it is possible to find the necessary muscles only.

2 way.

If the first way did not help to find those muscles, then it is possible to try the following: to place a finger in a vaginal opening and to try to squeeze it. Muscles necessary for us have to clench exactly around a finger. At the same time neither muscles of buttocks, nor muscles of a stomach or a back should not be involved.

As soon as you learn to define the necessary muscles, it is possible to pass to exercises.                               


Kegel's exercises


Option 1. Performance of exercises only on compression of muscles of a pelvic bottom at different speed.

Exercise 1.

Step 1. Within 10 seconds quickly squeeze and unclench muscles, then have a rest within 10 seconds. Carry out this exercise on 3 approaches.

Step 2. Squeeze and unclench muscles within 5 seconds, then have a rest 5 seconds, tightenings – repeat unclampings 9 times.

Step 3. Squeeze muscles, take within 30 seconds and relax them for 30 seconds, repeat 2 more times. And once again repeat a step number 1.

Exercise 2.

Step 1. Squeeze muscles and take within 5 seconds, then weaken, repeat 10 times.

Step 2. Quickly squeeze and unclench muscles of 10 times, repeat 3 times. Squeeze muscles and take them as long as possible (at most 120 seconds). Have a rest 2 minutes and repeat exercise at first.

Exercise 3.

Step 1. Squeeze and unclench muscles of 30 times, gradually the number of compression in the first step has to reach 100 times.

Step 2. Most strongly squeeze muscles and take within 20 seconds. Then for 30 seconds weaken them. Repeat 5 times.

Exercise 4.

Just begin to squeeze and relax muscles within 2 minutes, gradually increasing time till 20 minutes. It is necessary to execute this exercise at least 3 times a day.

Option 2. Performance not only compression of muscles, but also exercise of "Pushing out"

Exercise 1. Slow compression.

Strain muscles as you did for an urination stop. Slowly count to three. Relax.

Exercise 2. Reductions.

Strain and relax muscles as soon as possible.

Exercise 3. Pushing out.

Potuzhtes it is moderate down, as at a chair or childbirth.


So, the main thing ― if you want to achieve good results, do not forget to carry out exercises regularly. Begin trainings with ten slow compression, ten reductions and ten vytalkivaniye on five times a day. In a week add five exercises to everyone until them becomes on 30, continuing to carry out them, five times a day. It is necessary to carry out 150 exercises of Kegel every day.

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Kegel's exercise machine - vaginal balls K-Balls of single
Kegel's exercise machine - vaginal balls K-Balls of single
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